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fishels wrote:
psychoticbiotic wrote:I don't have any children so this has no bearing on me personally in any way, though I understand the decision.

If I'm being honest though, I'm starting to lose hope that Carowinds is ever gonna get a launched coaster.


Bro we got Fury in 2015, a huge water park expansion in 2016, a new fair section in 2017 and in 2018 we are finally getting a decent children expansion.

I want thrill rides as well but we can't have something amazing every year. It takes time and a lot of money they have already spent. Don't lose hope but you'll probably be waiting a while.

Well perhaps I should clarify, lest I sound ungrateful: I wasn't actually expecting a new roller coaster next year. I understand they're, shall we say, costly to build. It's just that I've been wanting a launched coaster since well before Fury was announced. (And I'm quite aware I'll be waiting for a long time)
Given Worlds of Fun's announcement, I suspect Peanuts Pirates is going to be moved there to become Nordic Chaser. The park specifically called out the flyers and carousel as being moved within the park. I think it's a safe bet that anything else that is missing from the renderings is gone for good.

EDIT: This is wrong. Peanuts Pirates is clearly in the renderings.
By Edwardo
It's still in the renderings. The only things missing are Helicopters (gone), the little boat ride (Yacht Club) over by Crabby Cabie (the playground is on its place), the space ships (gone), and flyers (moving) and carousel (moving.
By Edwardo
I really hope they put some small flat package for families over by Aireal Chase one day to tie it together with a Disk O, a Monster type ride, and maybe that thing Wonderland is getting (the canoe themed one).

It's obvious Matt and Co. are all about single major thrill rides and small family ride/thrill ride packages.
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By MarkD
Very excited for this. With having grandchildren it is a great excuse to get them into Carowinds. There wasn't really anything for them earlier to keep their attention.

Is that fountain in the middle going to be a little splash and play area? That would be awesome.

I also like, as Jonathan said, that the other rides will be located around the park. It just adds more gel to the park and gets parents to walk around and spend more money I'm sure.

I just hope they don't skimp on the theme. The rides being on the outskirts and the middle being open looks cool in the renderings.
Rapid-fire thoughts and initial impressions:

- Camp Snoopy looks great! Conceptually, it certainly fits the overall Carolinian theme of the park way better than the generic Planet Snoopy ever did!

- We finally got a new fountain! Hopefully it's a good omen of things to come elsewhere in the park in the near future.

- Character Carousel better be renamed CAROLINA CAROUSEL. I think it'll look fantastic in Showplace Plaza or whatever it's called now...

- Where are the Woodstock Gliders going? I feel like Yo-Yo's spot makes sense, but I have a gut feeling that area is going to be changed significantly and there might not be room for the gliders in their future plans. As for the new name/theme, IDK, maybe a patriotic red/white/blue theme? Call it AMERICAN EAGLES!

- Bummed that the helicopters are gone. RIP. I grew up riding them as far back as the Animation Station/Zoom Zone days and they might be my earliest memory from the park. :( Also: missed opportunity to not keep Snoopy's Yacht Club and theme it to canoes... just sayin'.
I was looking at the overhead rendering and I am trying to figure out where the new bath house is at. I see the Baby Care Center building is still there, is that it? Also I was hoping that they would add a bathroom back where the playground is going.
There was a permit in York County listed for the expansion/renovation of a bathhouse, that's probably it.

I looked over the concept art and it looks like there's a total of five rides either being moved or removed from Planet Snoopy: Woodstock Whirlybirds (Helicopters), Snoopy's Yacht Club, Snoopy's Space Race, Woodstock Gliders, and the Character Carousel. If you include Flying Ace Aerial Chase, which isn't really being moved more than it is outside of the new area, there will only be 7 attractions left from the original area. Hopefully with less "old" attractions, it'll be easier to incorporate them into the theming and the park goes all out again.
Carowinds2005 wrote:Is Snoopy Space Race getting the boot too? Or did I miss this in the conversation?

Yes it's been kicked to the curb.

Edwardo wrote: I really hope they put some small flat package for families over by Aireal Chase one day to tie it together with a Disk O, a Monster type ride, and maybe that thing Wonderland is getting (the canoe themed one).

I think the Mud Buggies is the same ride as the canoes.
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