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By cwgator
Carowinds can't necessarily just "buy" the land. It has to be for sale first. You can bet the owners of those properties are going to want a pretty penny for the land too if they were to sell to Carowinds.
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By coasterbruh
gabed wrote:
I love Dive Coasters, don't get me wrong. Griffon was great and Valravn gets way more hate than it deserves . That said, there is no way we are getting one, and if we do, it's not at all what we need.

Also yes, geographically Tampa is in the southeastern United States.

Post like these make me lmao. There are no rules as to what a park "needs". I know us arm chair CEO's think we have it all figured out but we really don't. What a park needs is something to boost attendance and being in good revenue. Could a dive coaster do that? Absolutely! Could a wooden coaster do that? Again, absolutely. Lately I've adopted a " wait and see" attitude towards park expansions because I've been shocked and confused in the past seasons with parks, worldwide, have been doing. So yeah, I'm just gonna watch this unfold. . . Until a little birdie chirps my way. :thumbup: :wave:
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By gabed
The camp site brings in revenue, and it’s not really in a great spot to expand the main park. Same goes for the 398 acres, it’s not in a good place to expand the park, a hotel on the other hand would fit nicely there. I’m honestly surprised they bought that land back in 2011 since they really didn’t have much of a use for it at the time.
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By tarheel1231
Assuming Project Alpha is going in WWF's location, this is the amount of space the park has to work with:

Give or take a couple of acres with the relocation of the flyers. Unless it's no longer standing, I'm assuming the entrance/exit would utilize the queue house from Whitewater Falls.
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By Thrill Capture
According to a Facebook live stream from Carowinds, the gliders won't be returning until 2019. I think that just increased the chances for a new coaster and makeover of the Crossroads section
By RollerBee
chknwing wrote:I would love a Maverick style ride for 2019. Rebirth of Thunder Road.

Maverick style ride yes, reusing the Thunder Road name.....
No let’s not.
By Cameron
I'm really confused why the saved the WWF entrance now. If Crossroads is getting the makeover with a new coaster wouldn't make sense to put the entrance IN the new area.

What I would honestly love to see in the new area.

Flyers in the place of yoyo.. That's gotta go
Bring back the Gauntlet in that area. I hear it's still on property.
Bumper cars & Frenzoid can stay. Kind of like a flat ride zone and save a little space for the Huss Frisbee in 2020 :)

That's a hell of way to bring life back to that area.
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By gabed
Imagine a premier Sky Rocket III (Full Throttle) but with a second half similar to Maverick
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By gabed
Aww but if Yo-yo leaven then we won’t be the park with most swing rides :cry:

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