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By cwgator
Disk'o Coasters! LOL

At least they aren't marketing Delirious at VF as one like Six Flags would do. I guess you could say they got one-upped by SF Great America in that regard with "World's Largest Loop Coaster".

SFOG hasn't one upped Carowinds at all with Twisted Cyclone IMO. Yes I want to go ride it, but will gladly go the extra hour and a half to get to Carowinds over SFOG any day from where I live.
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By coasterbruh
Maybe SFoG will one up them when they add the rest of twisted cyclone in 2019 lol.
By Flarsen
I say that in 2019 we get an intamin. Maybe a smaller blitz where the WWF plot is. Then in 2023 for the 50th anniversary they add a RMC or GCI where Dino alive is.
By CCookieMonster
You never know, maybe Cedar Fair has more tricks up their sleeve. For a while we thought Cedar Fair was gonna stay away from RMC, but look at 2018... Honestly, I'd love to see an Intamin Blitz in the park. It could have a vertical launch and a horizontal launch, maybe go over the midway. It would also bring more diversity to the park because we really need something other than a B&M for our next coaster. I love B&M, but we already have 4. We need another star coaster from a different manufacturer to diversify the lineup. Just my personal opinion.
By Edwardo
Actually I do know. And no one 'never thought' they wouldn't work with RMC. It would take a heck of a change at Intamin for CF to work with them again.

Besides, there are plenty of other companies that could bring diversity to Carowinds.

Gravity Group
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By coasterbruh
I think i'd rather see a family raft slide before a mat racer.
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By tarheel1231
^ ... cane-falls

Though Knott's did get a family raft slide with their expansion this year.

In an ideal world, we'd get both, but Carowinds isn't really in rapid expansion mode anymore. Not that I'm complaining, the park has changed so much in just three years so I'll be content with whatever we get.
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