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By cwgator
Disk'o Coasters! LOL

At least they aren't marketing Delirious at VF as one like Six Flags would do. I guess you could say they got one-upped by SF Great America in that regard with "World's Largest Loop Coaster".

SFOG hasn't one upped Carowinds at all with Twisted Cyclone IMO. Yes I want to go ride it, but will gladly go the extra hour and a half to get to Carowinds over SFOG any day from where I live.
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By coasterbruh
Maybe SFoG will one up them when they add the rest of twisted cyclone in 2019 lol.
By Flarsen
I say that in 2019 we get an intamin. Maybe a smaller blitz where the WWF plot is. Then in 2023 for the 50th anniversary they add a RMC or GCI where Dino alive is.
By CCookieMonster
You never know, maybe Cedar Fair has more tricks up their sleeve. For a while we thought Cedar Fair was gonna stay away from RMC, but look at 2018... Honestly, I'd love to see an Intamin Blitz in the park. It could have a vertical launch and a horizontal launch, maybe go over the midway. It would also bring more diversity to the park because we really need something other than a B&M for our next coaster. I love B&M, but we already have 4. We need another star coaster from a different manufacturer to diversify the lineup. Just my personal opinion.
By Edwardo
Actually I do know. And no one 'never thought' they wouldn't work with RMC. It would take a heck of a change at Intamin for CF to work with them again.

Besides, there are plenty of other companies that could bring diversity to Carowinds.

Gravity Group
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By coasterbruh
I think i'd rather see a family raft slide before a mat racer.
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