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By CCookieMonster
Edwardo wrote:Actually I do know. And no one 'never thought' they wouldn't work with RMC. It would take a heck of a change at Intamin for CF to work with them again.

Besides, there are plenty of other companies that could bring diversity to Carowinds.

Gravity Group

Thanks for the correction, Edwardo.
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By coasterbruh
tarheel1231 wrote:^ ... cane-falls

Though Knott's did get a family raft slide with their expansion this year.

In an ideal world, we'd get both, but Carowinds isn't really in rapid expansion mode anymore. Not that I'm complaining, the park has changed so much in just three years so I'll be content with whatever we get.

I didn't say the park didn't have one. That's the problem, it's only one lol. And who says the park isn't in rapid expansion mode anymore?
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By jlc9701
Does this mean something ?
By CCookieMonster
^Okay, so what is that supposed to mean? Is there some type of crazy announcement? Or are they just implying Afterburn is a great ride? I'm kind of new to this type of thing so I'll need some help with this.
By kirkgun
It's something the marketing folks think will get people to buy some season passes. Why do they think it'll make people buy season passes?

Well the obvious hint, if it is a hint.

floor <> less


More<>free stuff?
(I would really be tempted if it got me a discount at Kings Island too!)

Some kinda liberty and justice for all, Patriotic thing? USA USA :shock:
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By tarheel1231
Pretty sure the "less floor" is referring to Afterburn. Not saying a Vortex conversion isn't possible but Afterburn is literally in the ad. Afterburn has no floor.

Anyways after next year, I think they'll have covered all bases as far as necessary improvements go. They got the big new attention-drawing coaster with Fury, the water park got a much-needed expansion, they added some much-needed flats this year, and next year, they'll finally be focusing on kids again. The park still has a lot of improvements to make but it feels like it's where it needs to be to move forward.
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By aoriole19
Okay, Afterburn has no floor, but it's not a "floorless coaster" (though a majority of friends I've ever talked to about floorless coasters have thought I meant inverted at first)

I feel like "less floor" is way too obviously similar to "floorless" for it to be a coincidence.

Not necessarily that it means we're getting a floorless Vortex right away (or ever), but I'm sure whoever designed this knew that it was going to mess with enthusiasts for that reason. It doesn't have any subliminal meaning for the GP, but they knew it would get us talking.

I still hope Vortex stays standing as long as it stays open.
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