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By FamousAmos
this low level employee (as well as all the others) was told by his supervisors :thumbup: It doesn't matter why they told us to prepare for it. They just said to prepare for it.
Happy Thanksgiving!
By Edwardo
Prepare all you want. Have fun at it. If they have Scarowinds level crowds at winter fest it’ll be a miserable disaster because they’ll be 5 hour waits to get food or say hi to Santa.


Also of interest to note is that CGA’s winter fest last year wasn’t haunt level crowds. But what does Cedar Fair know...
By dabrian
Wallyworld was super dead in the summer of 1983 when the Griswold family paid a visit, so therefore Carowinds doesn't stand a chance of having big crowds for Winterfest.
By Edwardo
No one is saying they won’t have a (to scale) big crowd at winter fest. 20 people in a 20 sq ft enclosed space looks more crowded that 40 people in a 40 sq ft enclosed space. But it’s literally half the crowd in less available space.

If Carowinds expected huge crowds, they’d have the means to entertain those crowds open and not closed.
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By FamousAmos
I'm still trying to figure out how 200 people can fit on the ice skating rink at one time :lol:
I hope to see some of you this Winterfest season and I hope you enjoy all of the beautiful lights, decorations, live shows, and more. So much hard work and many hours of dedication by so many people went into the design, building, and preparation for this event. The thing that I am most looking forward to is seeing everyone's reaction as they walk through the park.
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By gabed
Spending time with family this weekend, hoping to get there next Friday. So excited!
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By Hiveminded
Crowds are turning out pretty well! 5 mins after opening parking was at intimidators first turn. The exit was backed up to all the way up to 485. Decorations are looking awesome so far!
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By Hiveminded
Very impressive so far. The tree bridge is animated and the area with Ricochet is just crazy with the animations.
By CCookieMonster
WOW! That's so cool! A few minutes ago I checked the webcam and saw that parking was all the way back to Planet I mean Camp Snoopy and Intimidator's first turn. I wasn't expecting so many people or as many lights in the park, but it is a very special limited time event.
By Edwardo
Just left the park. It’s a decent sized crowd (no where near Scarowinds level though). Park looks good. Lots of stuff to buy and pose in front of.
By Edwardo
Imagine that, the few rides open had lines! Well, except in County Fair. Lines weren’t that long. And Afterburn was nearly a walk-on. I saw a line for sky tower and ricochet. And two hours after opening, there was only two metal detectors open and three gates to get in. And not many people trickling was a decent crowd. And the park had enough sections closed off to keep the crowd in the areas where they were selling stuff.

Interesting that they allowed reentry. They don’t allow that with SCarowinds level crowds...
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