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By pproteinc
The event was wonderful. Definitely a step in the right direction for the future. I can see them adding a coaster to the line up next year. Everybody seem to enjoy themselves. I caught the Carol show in Harmony hall err Holiday Hall it was 2hrs long and also the Christmas Spectacular in the theatre which was about 30mins long. There’s a trolly show on the midway in front of the wings restaurant errr Dasher’s Diner, plenty of Christmas characters who ply the parts so well like Jack Frost and the Plum Fairy, and some jingle people is what I call them riding around on what looks to be an old Jalopy car from the old ride. Maybe it’s a hint to the old jalopies coming back lol jk. Theres also the singers where the bluegrass band played. They sounded absolutely wonderful and I need to still catch The Nativity show back near the number cards they have a petting zoo there as well with CAMELS included lol yes CAMELS. I thought one was about to spit on me so I ran off lol. I tried the Monte Kristopher Kringle sandwich it was very good to me. It’s a turkey burger topped with fried green apples and the top bun is deep fried served with fries and spicy cranberry/ blueberry sauce i just smothered it like mayo on the bun it was delicious and we tried the spice cranberry wings. HEAVENLY!! Both are located in the Dasher’s Diner. Got my fried Oreos and Twinkie’s as well can’t remember ber from what stall tho. I have many pic I’ll post later as I’ve literally been up since 2pm yesturday afternoon thanks to being a manager in the retail world.
By theintimidator
Edwardo wrote:Imagine that, the few rides open had lines! Well, except in County Fair. Lines weren’t that long. And Afterburn was nearly a walk-on. I saw a line for sky tower and ricochet. And two hours after opening, there was only two metal detectors open and three gates to get in. And not many people trickling was a decent crowd. And the park had enough sections closed off to keep the crowd in the areas where they were selling stuff.

Interesting that they allowed reentry. They don’t allow that with SCarowinds level crowds...

Yo, let it go... If you feel like there will not be Scarowinds level crowds, then so be it! As workers, we were told to expect that so that is what we are expecting. Winterfest just started, and like the rest of us, you cannot foresee the future. There is still a month left of operation, so we will just have to wait and see.
By RollerBee
Afterburn developed a line down the steps and going towards the sign not using the switchbacks. Rock N Rocker's line filled up, and Zephyr developed a line and wasn't walk on; which is rare for Zephyr. Boo Blasters wasn't using the switchbacks but the line went to the sign. Balloons line overflowed into the midway and Pirates had was half full. Both the shows in Peanuts Showplace and Carowinds Theater stayed full after the 630 shows.

There were some areas of the park that were quite bottlenecked.

I took pictures of some of the lines.
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By carolinaman
Me and my family really enjoyed it. I was impressed how they turned things like Chick-fil-a into a place for cookie decorating. You can't even tell it is usually a restaurant. I have a lot of pics and videos I'll post later. Overall I was really impressed with everything, especially being Cedar Fair which is not known for a lot of theming.
By Edwardo
I liked how they turned several game stalls into craft spaces. The old time photo building was something different. Attitudes was set up for something else. They’re getting some use out of some of the Taste of Carolinas buildings. And they had some nifty little stalls for crafts over by scrambler. It’s a great setup.

The only issue I saw was the mics weren’t working for the opening songs but they seemed to have fixed that later on.
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By pproteinc
I personally think for the most part there needs to be more lighting back near Afterburn. If you didn’t hear it roaring thru the coarse you probably wouldn’t know it was open it’s nad dark back there. Also remember crowds might have been low as well as people were probably still shopping Black Friday lol. Yea I’ll stick to that. Lol. I was also hearing a lot of people say “yea it’s getting too cold, let’s go home.” I do like how they changed Chick-fil-a’s inside and the game stalls to fit in crafts. My question is what is with the bright lights shining absolutely no where but into peoples eyes near dinosaurs alive building or now the St Nick picture area? I damn near was blinded. Where is it supposed to be aimed towards?
By Edwardo
No one said crowds were ‘low’. The crowd was perfect for the amount of park open and activities available. Almost like the park planned it that way...

I thought it was fairly well done by afterburn. There were plenty of lit trees and lights and shops over by there. But most people aren’t likely there to ride. There were tons of families with smaller kids. The moist popular things we noticed were all of the photo spots, esp ones with characters. They were very popular.
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By FamousAmos
The crowd was right for the amount of things open and things to do, yes.
However they told us to expect and be prepared for scarowinds crowd levels. It doesn't mean we would see it, but they wanted everyone to be ready for it. With that in mind, the park was expecting an even bigger turn-out than what we initially got. All I'm trying to say is they wouldn't have told us to expect those crowd levels if they weren't anticipating them.

On a side note, not too sure if that bright light up at St. Nic's is supposed to be on or not. It's on top of one of the light poles, so it's permanent as far as I'm aware.
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