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By RollerBee
coasterbruh wrote:You said the reason was the STRUCTURE would get wet and Crack. That is irrelevant to what trains and who provides them. Your age old "facts" do not trump the fact that carowinds hasn't said what's running. They have no reason to say so right now. Let's get through one weekend of scarowinds. I'd rather listen to silence from the park than what someone told you 12 years ago. Just imagine if schools still used the same material from 12 years ago . . . Things change.

International Coasters built the structure but they are no closer in business. PTC provided the trains. Per NC Amusement Device Law, Carowinds has to follow recommendations and guidelines for PTC and International Coasters but the guidelines for IC would be from 1994 and I am not sure how Carowinds could get around not following those without being able to contact IC.

PTC may have changed the min temp for operation of their trains, Dollywood closes Thunderhead(GCI) at 35 degrees. I was told 40 degrees for PTC in 2005. Hurler has vallied on turn 2 before and I seen the trains crest the second hill on turn 2 so slow that it appears to stop several times on cold March mornings.
By Edwardo
Cool! I'm not an ice skater but this should be a hit.

Chris wrote:Why couldn't they run Hurler, Drop Tower, and Scream Weaver?

And with November and December temps in Charlotte averaging 40-60 degrees ( ... s/usnc0121) I'd say they'll be able to operate whatever rides they see fit. It'll likely come down to maintainence needs as opposed to weather.
It seems like everything will be open except the PVZ, Dodgems, and Southern Star area. Also Fury, Scream Weaver, Hurler, Drop Tower, Cyclone, Rapids, and Nighthawk won't operate either. I'm just assuming for this year because of the renovations, Planet Snoopy won't be open either. The whole park doesn't need to be open. Keep in mind, they need to get a head start on off season work on some rides. For next year. Also, the whole park doesn't need to be open. That will require more staffing to run attractions. It's not necessary. Also, The off season will know be 2 months for them to get things together. Give them a break. I'm sure there will be plenty of Shows, crafts, and entertainment to keep us all occupied. If they open up Intimidator, they may run with 1 or maybe 2 trains. I doubt it will open at all. As long as Afterburn, Ricochet and Cobra are open, and maybe Goldrusher, I'm satisfied. Also if you look where those green boxes are popping up, you can tell what areas will be open.
tarheel1231 wrote:Technically they've got about 4 months of "offseason" since the park will close after October and re-open for Winterfest on Nov. 22. So I would imagine we'll see Camp Snoopy starting to take shape by the time Winterfest starts.
THAT IS TRUE, but keep in mind, attractions still have to run during events. Rides being serviced can't run at all during this time. Ride rebuilds are a must. With a complete renovation of Camp SNOOPY, I'm sure nobody will be able to step foot in that section. Keep in mind, they still have to service, and relocate 2 family flat rides.
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By aoriole19
I'm a little underwhelmed with the roller coasters they're operating, but I'm really glad the county fair rides will be open, since WinterFest will be the only time I can visit in 2017 so I haven't seen the new country fair yet.
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By tarheel1231
It is a shame that Afterburn will be the only good coaster running, but considering it's the second best ride in the park (IMO), I'm content with it. Goldrusher also would have been a perfect ride for this event. Out of curiosity, what temperatures do Arrows stop operating at?

Also, there's going to be a carriage ride through Carolina Harbor. I'm oddly excited about this.
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