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By uscbandfan
VERY underwhelmed.

After looking at the list of attractions, I feel that I will probably leave very unsatisfied. In the past, we've always gotten one gold pass for parking and silver for the rest of the family. We got gold for everybody this year because of Winterfest.

We go to Carowinds for the coasters.

If this is all that's going to be open, I have a sneaky suspicion that we'll drop back to the one gold and the rest silver for next year. We will have seen the decorations so no need to go back just to see them again.
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By Hiveminded
While I do wish that more rides were running, it is going to be pretty nice having Carowinds partially open through the end of December. From what the line up looks like it will be even more kid/family-oriented than I originally thought. Looking forward to Ice Rides on Afterburn and Electro spin!
Really bummed there’s no Fury : (
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By Chris
RollerBee wrote:This isn't roller coaster event or a thrill event, it is for families and kids.

Yeah, that's why Dollywood (who, in my opinion, has the best winter event) only has a few rides........... nevermind.
By RollerBee
Chris wrote:
RollerBee wrote:This isn't roller coaster event or a thrill event, it is for families and kids.

Yeah, that's why Dollywood (who, in my opinion, has the best winter event) only has a few rides........... nevermind.

And how many years has Dollywood done Great Smoky Mountain Christmas, I know it is more than 2.....

This is the third Winterfest in Carowinds history. The first failed, the second broke even; Cedar Fair is playing it safe this season. I suspect when Winterfest returns in 2019 or 2020 then more rides will be open than the 16 this season if the event breaks even or makes a profit.
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By cwgator
After seeing Kings Island list of open rides (below) I'm honestly not too surprised with what they plan on having open. I wasn't too far off in the map I did. Afterburn instead of Intimidator, and Carolina Goldrusher & Flying Cobras closed. One thing I am surprised to see open in the Character Carousel since it's being moved.

Here's what Kings Island will have open (weather permiting) to compare:
Are some of you really complaining????? Did you see Kings Island's lineup????? We've had all of our rides to ride from March through October. Although staffing could very well be an issue, you have to realize some attractions cannot run in certain temperatures. Lets see; Afterburn, Ricochet, Electro S, Scrambler, Do Si Do, Rock n Roller, Zepher, Boo Blasters Skytower, Aerial Chase, Carousel, Windup, Pirates, and 2 thrill paid attractions??????? How could we even think about complaining. Also, Goldrusher struggles coming out of the final tunnel in colder temperatures, so running that would not be a great idea. Between the rides, as well as the beautiful lights, shows, and other holiday attractions it's going to be a wonderful event. Support it, or just stay home. So for Kings Island, their lineup just sucks. Their climate is also different. I honestly don't see why they can't run Flight Of Fear, it's indoors. That kind of blows, but oh well. Moving forward, all parks may add certain attractions to their lineups for Winterfest in the future, but for now/ annually I can see Carowinds keeping their same lineup. Maybe one day, they will add Intimidator, Cobra, and more kids rides once the Camp Snoopy construction/ revamp is done. These are the only rides I can see them adding to the Winterfest lineup. I say go enjoy the Caro atmosphere as a whole, and let's all send our condolences to Kings Island. 8) 8) :lol:
By Wood Coaster
I agree.... And don't forget an Ice Skating Ring.
I Can't Skate at all (Ice or Hard Floor) but I always have fun trying.

Maybe to keep everyone Happy maybe the can turn one of the Wave Pools into a HOT TUB.
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By arby
It looks like a lot of fun! I also wish Intimidator was open but I'll give it some time. I bet as this event takes off more of the park will be open in future years.
By Carowindsman
I do not get why people are underwhelmed I feel this just about what it needs. Carowinds is not a full time park. There is a lot of upkeep with the park no matter what. Not having Fury and Intimidator during this is a bummer yes. But there is reasons that we as general public dont know. They definitely are offering more the general public than before and I happy for that. Will be great to see how it all comes together.
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By tarheel1231
Can I take credit for the carriage ride? :sarcasm:

I'm thinking using the side of the park that's not open for horse-pulled carriage rides (which would most likely be Carolina Harbor), a petting zoo in the County Fair, and a Christmas version of Starlight Spectacular with lights that flash to music.
By jeffdavis
Think the carriage rides might go over the bridge over the lazy river?

I'll accept the ride list and hope more can be added next year. I was totally not expecting Afterburn so that's a welcome treat. I think on a cold night I'll appreciate the lower speed of Ricochet, so I'm glad it made the cut. The gliders would have been nice but I know that ride has to be moved this offseason.
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By aoriole19
I know others were complaining more than me, but I personally wasn't trying to complain, I guess I was just surprised because I didn't realize rides like Carolina Cyclone, Vortex, and Nighthawk would be closed. I didn't have much personal experience to compare it to.

At Gardaland, the only rides that weren't included in their winter event were their dive coaster and wing coaster. Some of their other rides were weather-permitting (closed if it went below freezing, or something like that), so I kinda just assumed that's how most of Carowinds's rides would be, especially since it doesn't get as cold in Charlotte. But I am still really excited for the event regardless!
By CCookieMonster
How is the SNowflake Lake going to work? I was just wondering how they could keep the Ice Skating rink well, ICE when it could get up to 70° during December? I was just wondering. Overall I love the Winterfest lineup. I just wish Intimidator was open, but I won't complain because they might grow the lineup in future years when more guests start to come. All of the attractions seems pretty fin. I also love how the tickets are not overpriced. I think $25 is a really good price considering 5 hours of rides, shows, food($), and upcharge attractions (even though they cost extra money too).

My only complait is that they didn't name it something like Carolwinds (Christmas Carols, get it). I think someone else came up with that name in another thread last year or the year before, but it is a pretty good name.
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