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By cwgator
I would say it's also safe to assume Vekomas don't do well in the cold either with Flying Cobras closed for Winterfest (with the rest of County Fair open). It doesn't matter what the temperature is for that one though since it seems to have valley'd quite a bit this season (including this past weekend).
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By cwgator
Flarsen wrote:Fury will never be open during winter fest. Carowinds has put up reindeer on the track going over the bridge. (This was posted on their Snapchat.)

It was established (confirmed) some time ago that Fury 325 would not be running during Winterfest. Sept. 27th to be exact, as that's when it was posted on the park's website and mentioned here. Even before that most of us knew it wouldn't be running due to height, location in the park and the bipolar weather in the area during the scheduled event. While some days do seem to be warm enough, this is at night and it's better to not promise it to be open since it would be one of the first to either be shut down or not open at all depending on the weather.

The park is smart in this because who really wants to deal with irate customers expecting it to open and they can't for safety. The park has already received plenty of negative comments on social media about it not being open. It would have been worse had they planned to open it and couldn't because of the weather.
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By RiDeWaRrIoR
I rode fury on the last night of the season (after waiting about 30+ minutes after it broke) it was about 45 degrees.... that was plenty cold enough. I dont think people realize this is a NIGHT TIME event and the temps will be cold and from what I understand Fury only can run if its 40+ so the likelihood of it running anyway would be slim, plus maintenance has to re-build things, not to mention staff etc. There are so many factors in this. I dont mind the rides not being open, I just want to take my kids anyway and let them have some fun. I think I rode Fury maybe 10 times this year because I always have kids so its no big thing to me at all. Sure I will miss the rides running etc. but I am glad the fair rides will be open so my kids can ride them and I can ride Electro Spin. Looking forward to the event and I hope its successful this time around, just glad its free with a SP. Will def be getting a hot chocolate cup :D
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By pproteinc
Sign lighting for Ricochet during Winterfest! Look like it should be year round to me. It’s nice and vibrant.
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By carolinaman
Sorry for the double post, but this was on Snapchat
By jeffdavis
I like the Roast Beast Sandwich, and that's a cool name. It leaves me wondering what meat is in it.

I like the idea of lasagna, but I can't say I'm a fan of it being made in someone's home and brought to Carowinds. I would probably be more likely to try it if it were Carowindsmade Lasagna. :lol:

While I would love for some other rides to be open on warmer nights, I understand the reasons for their closure. I'm now appreciating their closure so that some other rides can be the highlight of the rides side of the event. I think I'll like WinterFest in general.
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By pproteinc
jeffdavis wrote:I like the Roast Beast Sandwich, and that's a cool name. It leaves me wondering what meat is in it

Bison meat? That’s the only beast I can think of outside of wildebeest meat :lol:
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