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By Carowindsman
Lets have a honest topic.

Do you really want a Vortex Conversion or a Hurler Conversion?


I think this is a honest question do you really want these rides to be converted.

Vortex being one of the first standing coasters is unique and a fun coaster.

Hurler is a wood coaster from back in the day, Does it need TLC (YES) but moving it to a RMC Conversion makes it another Steel Coaster.

IF we are talking conversions why doesn't Carowinds convert FURY325 to a winged coaster or Top Gun to a flying coaster. Turn Nighthawk into a 4d coaster. Im joking on these also.

I know the experiences of the rides would change a lot but for Nostalgia reasons I feel some much needed TLC would work great for these two.

*Mods if you dont want this post its all good just posting a topic
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By gabed
Yes to both, but if we're gonna lose Hurler I'd like to see a GCI in WWF spot. (Obviously all of those won't happen at the same time). Ideally, I'd like for GCI, Floortex, and RMC Hurler to happen in that order.

EDIT: Also, if Hurler gets converted I'm curious if it would be a Twisted Timbers clone or something different. Thoughts?
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By Jonathan
Another factor here is that Vortex was built in 1992. When you look at Hulk (completely rebuilt) and Dueling Dragons (being torn down), two coasters built in 1999 (but operating year-round) that had allegedly reached the end of their life spans, I wonder when there becomes no point in putting any investment into Vortex. Obviously Cedar Fair didn't feel they were too near that since they converted Great America's 1991 Vortex, but eventually you may reach that point at Carowinds.
By RollerBee
Tweetsie #12 reached the end of her service lifespan in 1937. Baldwin didn't built locomotives to last forever, 20 years is in most cases the lifespan of railroad equipment.

Anything that is maintained at or beyond manufacturer guidelines can last past the service lifespan barring accidents or act of nature. It is more about the costs of parts.
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By Jonathan
Okay, but that has literally no relevancy to this whatsoever. If steel track deteriorates the replacement part is entirely new track. It's not like rehabbing a locomotive.

Of course, there are also steel coasters that have been around since the 1950s so Vortex could still have decades left in it.
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By gabed
A 25 million dollar with a twenty second ride time and terrible maintenance. Pass

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