General Carowinds discussion
By pix13
I have never been to Carrowinds before but am thinking about going this Labor Day weekend on Sunday. Are the crowds so bad that it is a horrible idea and another weekend would be significantly better to visit? If we use Fast Lane Plus is it manageable Labor Day weekend? Thank you in advance for any help!
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By cadi40
If you get there early in the morning with fast lane plus it should be manageable. Lines will be long but if you have fast lane plus you might have to wait 10 minutes at the most.
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By cwgator
Sunday morning first thing shouldn't be bad at all. The afternoon will get busy however after churches let out. Carolina Harbor will likely be more packed than the dry side, but still busier than a regular Sunday. With a FL+ you shouldn't have any issues riding everything multiple times. I would wait until you get to the park however to see if you actually need it.

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