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I'm from out of state, I'm a platinum pass holder and live close to Cedar Point, have been there many times. I know 10/7 is a Saturday and probably not good attendance wise but only day I could feasibly go.

I got a couple questions, I notice it's opened as the Carowinds 10-5 and as SCarowinds 7-12. Do rides not operate during Scarowinds, it is exclusively haunted stuff? My main focus would be to ride Fury 325 and see how that compares to Millennium Force.

I presume with my Platinum Pass I could get admission into both in the day no problems? Other question I would have is the person that would go along with me, do they have to get separate tickets to get into Carowinds and then SCarowinds?
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By tinotoot
Hi there! Crowd-wise, fall days are really good. Everything is basically a walkon. During SCarowinds, pretty much every ride operates except for Planet Snoopy rides (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Though if you went during an October night to SCarowinds your chances of getting to ride rides may be slim because the wait times on Saturday nights at Scarowinds can be pretty wild! The park is PACKED on Saturday nights. During the day you should be fine, though.
^Yes pass holders get admission to both Carowinds during the day and Scarowinds at night. Your freind will have to buy two separate admission tickets, one for Carowinds and then another for Scarowinds. Check online for the tickets, they are usually cheaper than at the gate and it will cut out the ticket line.
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By A-z coasters
SCarowinds crowds are a horror on Saturdays so just a warning, you should have no problem with your platinum pass as you should be able to get into scarowinds just fine. when you get to the park, get on nighthawk and intimadator first, these rides usually have the longest lines, nighthawk will be a 2 hour wait in the afternoon, intimadator would be a 1 hour wait. fury usually has a 30 min wait at most on busy days and afterburn has even less. best food is harmony hall but it can get really busy there so you will have to be patient. on a Saturday, the most busy place in the park is planet snoopy so try to avoid that area later in the day. that's all I can think of right now you need to know for your trip.
By jeffdavis
For reference, we were at Scarowinds this past Saturday night at opening and only managed to do 5 mazes and 2 rides before closing. And actually the second ride was only because we got in line 15 minutes before closing. Maze waits vary because sometimes the staff sends you through in a constant line and sometimes you are broken into small groups with gaps.

Fright lane might be a consideration. (Gets you in each maze once without waiting in the main line.)

Depths of Darkness (new this year) is fantastic on length, darkness, and surprises.

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