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By Batman2201
Hi everybody! I am ronny from austria-europe. I plan to visit carowinds on the 22nd of october. It is a sunday. I heard that scarowinds is soo crowdy so i decided to go during the day. Will i need a fast lane plus ticket on this day or do all rhe people come to scarowinds?

I would be pleased for answers
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By cwgator
Whenever I've been towards the end of October, Sunday during the day has been quite manageable with minimal waits More people go in the evening for Scarowinds. You likely wouldn't need a Fast Lane. Many rides will likely be walk-on to 15 min or less (except for a few low capacity rides like Nighthawk, Ricochet & Flying Cobras). If you arrive at the park and it happens to be more crowded than you like, you can always purchase Fast Lane there. I wouldn't risk buying it in advance and find out you didn't need it.

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