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By chknwing
Been a long time coming but I finally made it out to Six Flags with my eyes set on riding Twisted Colossus. Since I used th LA Go Card, I get a free ticket but had to go over to will call to do it. OMG this was like a trip to the DMV. 3 windows open, I'm literally the only other person in line, it took 40 mintues for 1 of the windows to finish with a customer, then they closed the window. lol. 10 mins later another window opened up, got my ticket and I was ready. I spent the morning at Warner Bros Studio Tour so I loaded up with the platinum flash pass to avoid lines. Crazy expensive but was worth it. Best rides in the park, Twisted Colossus, Full Throttle, and X2. Most disappointing ride, The Green Lantern. God awful. Should rename it Trainwreck the ride because you feel like you been in one after getting off of it. None of it makes sense. The flips are poorly time so its just painful, not fun. The New Revolution, could have been great, but non of the dam VR head sets worked. only 1 person out of 5 people in our party had a working head set, the rest of us stared at a screen saying tap the head set to fire. :(. Escape from Krypton was great especially since the ride op pretty much trolled us. After completing restraint checks, he said for everyone to put their hands in the air for a safety check. He then hit the button and everyone launched at 100mph with our hands up. Apocalypse was pretty much non stop speed. was very impressed with it. going through the station again at full speed was a nice touch. Everything else was fairly similar to other rides Ive ridden at other parks. Food at the park was pathetic. I didnt think it was possibly to screw up fries but they managed it some how. When we left, there are very few places open late near there to eat but I found Hot Wings Cafe and we scarfed down a 50 piece of hot wings.
By tylerSC
Sorry the food was bad but I would have tried to find an In N Out Burger. And in California they have plenty of Jack in the Boxes everywhere and many are open 24 hours. Plus I like the Carl's Jr. burgers better than sister chain Hardee's because they still have the Superstar Cheeseburger and the Big Carl, which is like the former Big Twin. But back to topic, did you ride their Goliath coaster? Looks like a great ride to me.

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