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By arby
I took a trip by myself a few weeks ago to hit a set of parks that I have trying to get to for years - the set of three parks in Ocean City, Maryland, stuck out on a peninsula and not the easiest to get to - Trimper's Rides and the two Jolly Roger's parks. That also gave me the opportunity to hit up a few parks in southern New Jersey.

Since I just wrote the post on my travel blog, I am too lazy to post it all back here at the moment so you are welcome to read about it and see some pictures on my travel blog:

For reference, the parks I hit up were:

Baja Amusements
Trimper's Rides
Jolly Roger at the Pier
Jolly Roger's Amusement Park
Morey's Piers
Steel Pier
Adventure Park

Clementine Park was also in the mix for their woodie but it was closed the day I stopped by. :( I also skipped Storybook Land because 1) the parking lot was packed and 2) I finally drew the line that I was not paying $40+ dollars to get into a kiddie park just to ride their one kiddie coaster....

This trip had the potential for about 21 total coasters although I was denied riding two of the kiddie coasters. Additionally it included two coasters I had ridden before that had been relocated.

Hope you enjoy!

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