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cwgator wrote:RMC is teasing some Raptor track on their Facebook page:


Speculation is all over the place. One that is interesting: Knott's closed it's Boomerang yesterday and this just happens to pop up today...
Interesting to say the least.

I know what company was at the park early last year looking at the space (its how I found boomerang was a goner). Knowing what they build and looking at this, it'd wouldn't be a complete shock if RMC won the bid for Knotts new ride, but what they were looking for with that company was definitely more compact.
God I hope not. I have been on the one in vegas and I don't know if I would say its too intense or just rough.
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By cwgator
Before RMC posted that today, I've seen that most people seem to think Knott's will be getting a B&M Dive Coaster. Unless they remove something else I just don't see it. Sky Cabin is currently SBNO and isn't listed in the rides section on the park's website. It may just be closed during construction.

I know they can work miracles in tight places. They did squeeze Valravn in @ CP, but judging by google maps it looks like they definitely had more room to work with. I know they can make them more compact, and use the 18 seat/6 across trains.

Also...does anyone know if they usually drain the pond in the Boardwalk area daily? I took this screen shot of the webcam and it's been drained.
I def think a dive coaster is possible . . . those little things are popping up in a lot of places.
I agree like a small compact version similar to Baron1890. Plus it would be gimmicky for the west coast as it would be the first dive on that side of the country.

I think they maybe in the works of painting the floor and walls again? They're some black areas on the floor.
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Toverland 2018:
B&M Wing Coaster, Mack boat ride and new entrance
Toverland will be one and a half times bigger in 2018, officials at the Dutch park promise.

The indoor/outdoor facility near Venlo welcomed 682,932 guests for its 15th anniversary season in 2016. Big things are planned next year as it gets a new themed area in addition to a new entrance – the park’s largest ever expansion. The two new rides will be a Wing Coaster from Bolliger and Mabillard (B&M) and a boat ride by Mack Rides.


“This will be the first Wing Coaster in the Benelux,” notes Toverland technical director Paul Oomen. It will, he adds, provide an “unforgettable sense of freedom” thanks to the seats, which sit either side of the coaster’s rails. Pictured above is an existing B&M Wing Coaster at Dollywood, Tennessee.

The water attraction, suitable for the whole family, will be partially covered and richly themed. Toverland has collaborated with Mack Rides before on its Backstroke log flume and Dwervelwind spinning coaster.

The new themed area housing the attractions is to take shape behind the existing Magische Vallei (towards the of the image above). Currently guests enter the park through the large building housing the Land van Toos. As from 2018, they will arrive via a new outdoor entrance surrounded by catering facilities, shops and a stage. The total park expansion for next year is over 7 hectares.
Valleyfair! removing Excalibur?

From Screamscape:
According to the notes from the Shakopee City Council, they have recommended approval for Valleyfair's future expansion and wetlands replacement plan which was also approved by the Army Corp of Engineers apparently. Of course, as previously mentioned when the plan was first announced, it seems pretty clear cut that Excalibur will be removed to make this happen, so get your last rides in on it this season while you still can.

Document showing the above plan:
La Ronde is removing Cobra (Intamin Stand-up).

From Screamscape:
La Ronde quietly removed Cobra (Intamin Stand-Up Coaster) from the park's website a few months ago and now they've removed it from the updated park map on the website as well. According to what I'm been told, employees were told that it would not run again at the park.

On different forum & fan pages on FB, there is speculation on where it's going, what's replacing it (S&S Free Spin, Justice League) or perhaps staying and becoming floorless.
I doubt it moves to another park because there aren't any left that I can think of that haven't had or don't have a stand-up. I don't see it converting to floorless, mostly because I doubt B&M would touch the ride.
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