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Cam had a bad game. He was also facing arguably the best defense in the league.

After 20 years of Kerry Collins, Steve Beuerlein (still one of my favorite all time Panthers but let's face it not some great quarterback), Chris Weinke, Rodney Pete, Jake Delhomme, Jimmy Clausen, etc., it blows my minds that so many people in Charlotte want a quarterback who has had one of the greatest starts to a career IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL gone.
Yeah, there's no reason Cam needs to go. If I recall correctly, the Panthers set a record for 6 rookie starters in the playoffs. Cam continues to improve and they only made it to the playoffs by default to begin with. They are starting to get the pieces in place that they need to be a solid team in the long run.

I'm now pulling for Denver all the way.
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By Chris
I would like to point out that, while it sucks the Panthers lost, every single point scored in that playoff game was from a Fellow Nole. Every TD catch. Every field goal. Every extra point. :shifty:
By TinaC101
As a born and raised Detroit native, and someone who now proudly calls South Carolina home, all I would like to say is I would like to have a team I can be totally proud of. Since that clearly can't happen, i'm just gonna sit here and hope for the best for the Red Wings next season! :lol:
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By arby
Well, you do have to admit that they got it this year by default because of the way the NFL is structured. There were more other qualified teams who played better and didn't make the playoffs. None of the NFC South teams played well this year.
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By Jonathan
Eh the format is what it is. As for the Red Wings, they finished 4th in their division and squeaked into the final playoff spot last year, so the comparison still holds up.

The Panthers are far from one of the NFL's elite franchises that is for sure, but the last two seasons have been a lot of fun and the foundation seems to be there to keep it going.
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By arby
I will admit that the last few seasons have certainly been better to watch.

I don't want them messing with the NFL, though. As screwy as it is, I'm afraid they would make a bigger mess if they tried to change it so only the top teams overall made it to the playoffs. That's what Nascar did when they kept making all of those structural rule changes, and they lost a lot of fans, myself included.
By dabrian
Cam isn't going anywhere. He will probably be resigned to a long term extension this offseason and will be the quarterback in Charlotte for a long time. Aside from Benjamin we are extremely lacking in talent at the wideout position and that has to be addressed in this upcoming draft. D Williams, G Hardy, and M Tolbert will probably be cap casualties this offseason which should leave us with enough room to upgrade the tackle position in free agency
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