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By tarheel1231
Who's gonna be crying himself to sleep tonight? This guy! :lol: I can't be mad at the Broncos, Carolina was the team missing opportunities and fumbling like their hands were made of grease. Maybe they're just not mature enough to handle the superbowl. But hopefully we'll have a shot at it next year. Or in two years... or twelve years... or never.... :cry:
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By tarheel1231
So... the Superbowl rematch is tomorrow. To be honest, I'm a bit pessimistic towards the team after what happened in February, and their preseason performance was less than stellar (though it is just the preseason). I'm not expecting them to win, but I'll be cheering them on the whole game. :)
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By arby
I am optimistic for this season. It looks like the depth of the team is pretty good and they continued to make changes throughout the preseason. As long as they keep their head in the game, we should have no issues making it to the playoffs, assuming there are no major injuries that impact the team.
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By tarheel1231
Well, the season's practically over.

Not necessarily Panthers related, but I feel like we could be on the verge of another Superbowl rematch. Put me down for Giants vs. Patriots vol. 3. I'm not going to bet on the winner because I want New York to win.
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By tarheel1231
Not being on the mountain top, I can handle. I've been a Panthers fan since the Delhomme years. But the fact that the FALCONS are representing us in the NFC this year really rubs me the wrong way.

Go Pats, I guess.
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By aoriole19
My reaction is the opposite: "Go Falcons, I guess" is something I've actually already said once today.

I'm not a fan of either team, but I hate the patriots so much. I'm honestly still holding a grudge from Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004. So for the next 2 weeks I'll be a big Atlanta fan!
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By tarheel1231
You disgust me.... :P

I'm not a fan of the Patriots either, but if Atlanta wins, Carolina will be the only team in the NFC South without a Lombardi.

Plus Goodell is anti-New England, and eff that dude. I want Atlanta to lose painfully. Can't let them forget who REALLY owns the NFC South. :thumbup:
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