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While we all do have opinions about the peaceful transfer of power, yesterday, let's not forget the guidelines of CC:

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On that note, please refrain from any future political discussion.

Thank you
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By Axel
Arby or ?... Since my link to political humor involving Disney was deleted... why not delete the rest of the political crap in this thread? What purpose does it have to keep selected (and more extreme) posts? Just keep your guideline post.

Anyway, this is a cool video of the new Bon Jovi hit "Rollercoaster" at Coney Island rocking out in front of the Wonder Wheel Ferris wheel:
Valid point. I did some cleanup.

On to better topics: Did anybody see the new Cedar Point logo? I am far from a graphic designer... however, it seems boring to me.


EDIT: This looks to be the most interesting thing Disney has worked on in many years:

a new Disney patent, titled "Sensing and Managing Vehicle Behavior Based on Occupant Awareness" looks at a way to read riders' emotions or pre-determined interests to customize ride experiences. For example, the patent states that via a camera on the vehicle or a wearable ID device — say Disney's MagicBands — a ride system could read rider facial expressions such as being excited or bored, and then alter the course of the attraction to increase/decrease speed, spin more or less often, change the tone of display scenery and/or more to improve the ride for guests.

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By Axel

The coaster that was called "Led Zeppelin: The Ride" and "Time Machine" before the park closed in 2009,
is now "Dragon’s Run", the centerpiece of Dragon Park in Ha Long, Vietnam, a park that opened in January. “We knew the layout [of the ride],” said Dennis Speigel, the president of International Theme Park Services, Inc. “It’s so dominant, we designed the entire park around the coaster.”
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By Axel
Six Flags' new VR roller coaster is both breathtaking and broken. Nothing makes a rough ride worse than bad VR.
...If everything had gone as intended, I probably would have come away thrilled by a high-speed VR space combat experience that perfectly synced with the roller coaster's track. Instead, I was fighting a headache brought on by simulator sickness...


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