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Maverick44 wrote:hmmm looks like it does hit it. Who knows. That video you can't really see and it is blurry. I thought it did. Maybe not. However something had to have happened to cause that arm to break. Maybe it was just its time and it broke free.

There does not have to be an impact to cause a stress fracture or metal fatigue, metal fatigue is caused by repeated stress added to a structure over time. For example if you bend a piece of plastic back and forth far enough, the plastic has a discoloration, if you keep bending it that discoloration will break.

On the topic of Rust, you do realize that B&M track is allowed to sit outside and develop surface rust at the factory before it is painted?

Are you inferring that Clermont Steel and B&M would allow their product to develop a coating that would lead to a weakened product?
The local news confirmed that the Fireball ride at the Charlotte Fair back in early June was the same one at the Ohio State Fair. Wormy? Edwardo? Did either you ride it? Count your blessings if you did.
Maverick44 wrote:Well it looked rusty to me. It def had some help breaking off. Rust is a weakness in metal no matter what type of rust it is. Rust is simply rust.

Um, that is not true. You may want to do due diligence before passing your opinions off as fact. As the son of a 42 year retired veteran of the steel industry, I happen to know quite a bit about steel (yes, I'm originally from western PA, the home of US Steel). Also, my grandpa was a steel worker for the railroad industry in the early 20th century after he got back from WWI.

COR-TEN steel is a trademark registered product of United States Steel Corporation. It was developed in the 1930’s, mostly to use in railroad coal cars. It is a special blend of steel alloys that, when exposed to weather, develop a thin, protective rust layer that coats and protects the metal. Some of its early use in civil engineering projects in the 1960’s gave way to architectural uses not long after.

It was an ideal choice for the New River Gorge Bridge because it solved a couple of problems. The expense of painting such a large structure would have been cost-prohibitive. Using COR-TEN not only saved $300,000 in construction costs, but also an estimated $1,000,000 every time the Bridge would have had to been painted.

I got that from here but was familiar with COR-TEN well before that article.

So while that has nothing to do with this tragic accident, I wanted to give my 2 cents. Opinions are always welcome but they should be construed as opinions.
Thank you, Arby. I can tell by looking at the break in the pic its not a rust issue, and I've talked to people that have seen the break up close.

Kenny, yeah I was at the fair. Got pix of this particular fireball to boot. I was going to ride as I love them, but skipped it cause it just eaten. Such a tragedy.

I've noticed that the Chance Morgan revolutuons haven't been shut down. They're basically the same ride, chance licensed the design from KMG. but I believe they're all modified park models v
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