Everything else goes here, including discussion of parks outside of Carowinds and any off-topic discussion
FamousAmos wrote:Spend a day or two in Atlanta, then compare it to Charlotte traffic :lol:

Oh I have, But just the other day I was watching the news and I showed that it took 70 Minutes to get somewhere that would usually take 10 Minutes. I think it was raining However. Charlotte is growing too fast for me to keep up with it.
I find it easy to get around Charlotte & Atlanta at any time of day when I'm visiting or passing through. Mind you yes there are roads that are just awful...I know how to avoid them...lol
The permit is for an ATTRACTION up to 315 feet and can't have any "decorative lights" above 60 feet or any shining up on the structure). It would still have to have a beacon at the top for air traffic. If it's a coaster they can still have lift hill lights installed they can turn on in case of evac/emergency.
I was just going through some of my belongings because I am packing to move to a new apartment and I found Jonathan's video from 2004 that he made hahaha. Made me remember this place.

Don't know if anyone remembers me, but I still remember a few of the names I'm seeing. Good to see everyone's still kicking it. I'm gonna try to remember to stop in here more often, I miss my park that I was very spoiled to have nearby for so many years of my life, definitely need to keep up more with whats happening over there.
I'm staying really close to Santa Claus tomorrow (going on a trip to see the eclipse) and I really want to go to Holiday World. How much time is reasonable to get to do everything there? I'm not sure how late we'll get in, because there may be traffic, so I'll have to decide when we get there whether or not we have enough time to go.

It'll be a Sunday, maybe somewhat more crowded than normal because of the eclipse, but probably not too crazy since our campsite had lots of openings so I don't think a ton of people will be in Santa Claus in particular.
If you're excluding the water park, and the flats you can find anywhere else, you can knock out the big 4 in a half day if you had to (and wow that's enough!). Certainly hope you have more time to take in one of the best parks out there. Good luck and don't burn your eyeballs!
Thanks Wormy! I'm hoping we will have half a day. Even if we only have a few hours, I'll probably still go anyway to try to get on at least a couple of the big boys.

It's one of the places I'm sure I'll go to again one day, but I' like to take the chance I can get now! I haven't been to any other parks this whole summer ):
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