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aoriole19 wrote:For any of you guys that have been to Coaster Con, I'm looking for some advice.

I don’t remember the cost but if you’re planning on going preregister as soon as you can. They started limiting the amount of tickets as the event became so packed and it can sell out quick.

If you’re in a budget the Motel 6 in Hudson is close, cheap, and clean.

There’s ERT in the morning before opening and at nite after close, lunch, and usually a gift. I got a nice gatekeeper fleece jacket.

The event is worth it if you go. Lots of riding, esp now that they limit tickets.
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By gabed
A-z coasters wrote:Introducing BORG Assimilator, new for 2004!!

Called it
Edwardo wrote:There’s ERT in the morning before opening and at nite after close, lunch, and usually a gift. I got a nice gatekeeper fleece jacket.

That sounds amazing. At the moment my personal choice is to spend my (currently very limited) money on a spring break trip instead, and try to get a ticket for the 2019 con.

Thanks for your advice!
Even tho it looks like trains for the Bat, I feel it does fit the theme of Diamondback better. They better not try this with Fury’s trains. The blue against the green just works. Don’t get me wrong the black against the green would look dope but Timmy already have black seats.
Well folks...Dollywood has ended their arrive after 3, get next day free ticket. That was a great deal especially if you are only able to go once a year.


Rumors have been swirling about Dollywood no longer offering their “Arrive after 3pm and get the next day free” deal that they have offered for years. We have now confirmed that this rumor is true after speaking with multiple reps from Dollywood. This deal has been utilized by visitors for many years in order to maximize the number of rides and shows for the price of admission. Dollywood has not made this “public” yet, so please help us spread the word by sharing this article with your friends and family. We do not want people to show up at Dollywood after 3 expecting the deal they have always gotten only to be shocked that it no longer exists. Also, there’s always a chance that Dollywood could change their mind before the season starts, and if they do we will happily update this article and share it immediately!
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