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By Hiveminded
Looks like a really fun ride! Very rerideable looking. I remember just 5 years ago when people though that inversions on a wooden coaster were something that might never happen, now go kart parks are getting them. :lol:

I made a redo of the park provided POV, without the literal headchopper.
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By coasterbruh
I think they are still keeping the gokart under it so it may not get that low to the ground.
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By pproteinc
Also looks like, per Facebook, the Freedom Flyer will be getting a facelift and VR sets as well.

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By cwgator
^They were doing the VR on it during IAAPA. I guess it was a hit. I'll still opt for no VR when I go again.
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By cwgator
Knoebels 2017



Elysburg – Knoebels Amusement Resort officials announced today that a new ride will be ready for the 2017 season.

Over The Top, which is scheduled for a late spring or early summer debut as the only ride of its kind set for operation in the state this year, will reach more than 21 feet in height when in operation. It will provide riders with an over the top motion while standing and will send riders both clockwise and counterclockwise, according to a press release provided by park spokesperson Stacy Ososkie.

The ride drawing is featured in the 2017 park brochure, which debuted at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg this weekend.

America’s largest free-admission amusement park announced that the addition is brand new, but longtime visitors might recognize some characteristics of a former ride. According to Dick Knoebel, the ride, which has been given the name by Knoebels, stood out to the Knoebel family at an industry expo in November.

“One of the reasons it caught our attention is that it gives riders a sensation similar to that of the old Flying Cages,” said Knoebel. “In addition, we received the stamp of approval from younger family members who never experienced the Cages and still spoke highly of the thrill.”

Knoebel is referring to the Flying Cages, or Cages, that operated at Knoebels from 1964 until the park’s Handstamp Building was constructed in 1986. A rider was challenged to shift their weight back and forth inside the cage, while standing, in an attempt to make the cage go ‘over the top.’ Visitors can find one of the original Cages in the Knoebels History Museum, and during its Hallo-Fun event, when a Cage reemerges as a decoration.

Though riders will not be tasked with propelling the new ride, the ‘over the top’ motion will be part of the rider experience, as will the fact that riders will be standing. The ride will have a Cages-like theme at Knoebels, and will move both clockwise and counterclockwise.

Ososkie said Over the Top will be located in the area of Wipeout, Fandango, Cub Cars rides, and the Monkey Madness game.

“There was a lot of interest on our Facebook teaser posts questioning whether or not we’re removing anything to make way for the new ride,” said Ososkie. “Visitors might notice some repositioning, but we’re happy to have enough space to keep everything and will hopefully bring even more interest to all of the other fun to be had in that area.”

Visitors need to be at least 48 inches in height to ride Over the Top.
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By aoriole19
Hmmm we should have some kind of TL;DR for announcement threads. I honestly don't keep on top of coaster-related news nearly as well as I would like to ): This is one of my favorite websites to use though and I do like to read all of you guys' comments but I honestly don't have the time during school.

It would be useful to see just a list of headlines and then be able to look at the discussions about the ones I want to. Maybe like on the first page of the thread? I'm not saying anyone in particular should feel obligated to make a TL;DR, but I'm just saying that if someone wanted to, it would be used :mrgreen:

(I realize I can just go on screamscape to read headlines but honestly I rarely do. I go on carowinds connection more often because I care about Carowinds the most)
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By FamousAmos
Yep, and he had bought a house too. Looks like his house will be on the market (or is already sold now and he's already up at Valley Fair).
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