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By Chris
FamousAmos wrote:Woah, woah woah. At the 0:50 mark, is that even legal? :wtf:
Shooting off fireworks that close to a ride with people on the thing?

At the risk of showing my age, watch some old late-90s or early 2000s wrestling. The wrestlers basically walked through the pyro as they came out. So, I'm willing to bet that pyro going off 50 feet away from a coaster is allowed.
By CBSpur
Just saw a reverse POV that included the whole shed. I don't know what the scenery is, but there is nothing track-wise in it. It seems a bit disappointing.
By Edwardo
Yeah it's not a ride element. It's very Verbolten without the drop (I think there are a total of 6 experiences if i recall).

But I hear the ride is incredible.
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By pproteinc
The shed is suppose to be something along the lines of being a form of entertainment while on the brake run during the waiting process of the train ahead loading and dispatching.
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By gabed
Which is a brilliant idea in itself, but to literally make it your marketing campaign was a bit ridiculous to say the least. I fail to see why they could not have just unveiled that back in July rather than spend 8 months hyping it up. In a nutshell, it's a fantastic idea but I hope CF doesn't pull more of these "don't-reveal-everything-until-it-opens" stunts again.
By Edwardo
I see you have no idea how marketing works...

And they've already started another one with the coaster formerly known as Mean Streak. But I can't talk much about that yet...
By CBSpur
My only issue with the way it was marketed was that they kept hyping the shed up like it was going to have an insane element (like an inversion or drop-track). This caused fans to get really excited about it and as a result be disappointed. From what I have heard the coaster is incredible, but I feel the shed is overshadowing that because people are disappointed that all the hype was essentially just a well-themed waiting area to get off the ride. Which has been stated that by itself is a fantastic idea, just don't hype it up to be something so special that people will be disappointed. I will say that it was a smart marketing strategy in the sense of getting people to talk about it before the opening, but I feel that it isn't now hurting what sounds like an amazing coaster's first impression for people. Oh well. Still excited to get up there and ride it one day because it looks great!
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By Jarsh
Actually, the park didn't hype anything. Sure the videos they release went dark as you got to the shed and their hashtag #WhatsInTheShed were used, but I don't recall seeing the park make a big deal out of it.

The case of shed anticipointment comes from the enthusiast community who made such a big deal about it.
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By Jonathan
Actually, the park didn't hype anything. Sure the videos they release went dark as you got to the shed and their hashtag #WhatsInTheShed were used, but I don't recall seeing the park make a big deal out of it.

The case of shed anticipointment comes from the enthusiast community who made such a big deal about it.

Boy, I just don't think I can possibly disagree more with this. I think this is more a case of the enthusiast community defending parks to the death no matter what they do.

The park has used the "what's in the shed" line in just about every piece of marketing it has done. It received extensive coverage in local media. I think they may come to have some regrets about it.

The idea behind the shed is great (to take away the boredom of sitting on the brake run while the crew stacks trains). It's clever and creative and a step in a direction Cedar Fair has never really invested the time or money to go. I like it.

The over-the-top marketing, however, is going to result in a lot of confused people, and I'm not just talking about coaster enthusiasts. I saw a local news article this weekend with a negative headline about the disappointment of the shed (when I went back later it had been changed, though). Here's another local news article on it: http://www.wkyc.com/features/kings-isla ... /431307525 Pretty much all of the local press throughout the offseason and leading up to opening day was about the shed. Not about how fantastic this ride itself is, but about the mystery of the shed. If you think it's only been coaster nerds getting fed hype about what's in the shed, then I don't think you've been paying attention.

It was stupid to hype up this minor element of the ride as the centerpiece; I can't believe people disagree with that. Yes, you want to build buzz for your ride, and creating a sense of mystery and intrigue is one way to do that, but you also don't want people to feel let down. I don't think coaster enthusiasts will feel let down. They'll recognize this is (apparently) a fantastic coaster. I think a lot of people who don't pay attention to this stuff (a wooden coaster? Boring! It doesn't even go upside down!) and have been seeing "what's in the shed?" hype on the local news this winter will be pretty confused when they go in the shed and get flashing lights and 80s pop music.

Personally, I don't really care about the shed one way or another. I'm hyped as hell for this ride and really excited to get on it next month.
By Edwardo
FWIW, And I don't know for sure if this was just a strong rumor or not, when I asked a few people about the shed, a couple responses I got was "if it works right". I had heard there would be projector mapping of basically what you still get in the shed. So I don't know if that just didn't work out right and they scrapped a better version off what is actually in the shed, if budgets got cut, if what I'd heard was just a rumor (the rest of what I heard made it into the shed) or what.

But I do think the park hyped the shed up. I would have too, but I'd have hyped the ride up first and foremost.

I do think you'll see more rides with brake run entertainment coming from CF ;-).
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