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Yup. Saw that last night.

Stupid Lance at screamscape finally believes Mean Streak isn't for 2017. Not sure who b was telling him what but it was never meant to open this year.
Besides, didn't New Texas Giant take at least a year to build anyway?
Even though RMC has more people at their dispersal, more equipment, and more experience since then, this thing will still take at least a year to build I would assume; due to its size and the fact that the company is building more than one coaster (probably even 3 or 4) for the next year or so across the globe.
Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2018:


NEW Virtual Reality Ride Coming in 2018


An all-new attraction unlike any other is coming to Busch Gardens ® Williamsburg in spring 2018. Utilizing virtual reality headsets and the state-of-the-art motion simulator located on the former site of Europe in the Air, this attraction will be the first of its kind in North America. With this marriage of technology, Busch Gardens will be able to take riders through a portal into a hidden world of mythical characters, set against an Irish theme.
While I'm not a huge fan of VR, in this case it could possibly work well. First, they aren't messing up any coasters, which is a bonus. Second, Europe In The Air was the most sickening and nauseating ride I have ever been on.. So if they can turn it into something better while using an already standing structure, then that would be great.
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By gabed
Ah, seems that I let my short fuse get the best of me. Didn't see that this was going on a simulator, I just assumed they were slapping this on a coaster.
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