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I wouldn't knock the possibility of CGA getting one, RMC has 7 projects lined up for 2018. How many of those projects are Freespins though, we don't know.
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By Jarsh
And with CGA potentially getting one that will be announced on 8/16, it makes all the more sense why Six Flags would allow SFFT to announce their Raptor a month early.

At this point, I wish parks would stop worrying about trying to outdo each other with the "-est" adverbs and just build fun coasters/attractions.
Has the announcement date for Cedar Point been known for a while? If so, I missed it, but just saw on their Twitter that it's 8/16, the same day as Carowinds' announcement. Should be a fun day
Hershey just announced a new water coaster and the WORLD'S LONGEST MAT RACER slide! :shock:

If they do this to Carowinds in 2019, I will cry (with joy, that is. Please please please!)


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