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Good, the Boardwalk sucks and has been in dire need of an expansion for awhile now. :clap:
That mat racer is everything. I'm definitely here for the "loops." I know it's custom made to fit the area but man if Carowinds was to get anything remotely close to it along with a flow rider similar to KI's (I'm a surf boy) and a water coaster I'll be deeply deeply invested with Carowinds. And if they get a screaming swing, giant frisbee, antique cars, log flume, sky Roller and possibly find a whip they'll have my heart. Lol
So, uhh... any of you insiders know about the likelihood of this name? Because it's pretty terrible.

2018 - Mean Streak Transformation - (8/11/17) Could Cedar Point's new coaster be called Claim Jumper? Call me crazy, but someone did send that into me as a rumor awhile back, but I've also seen an assortment of other odd names over the last few months so I wasn't sure what to make of it. Until now... after The Point released what I suspect will be their final teaser video on Facebook with the Hashtag #TheyreComing and an interesting bit of text at the end that says "8/16. They Stake Their Claim."
Very interesting... as I had also heard that the coaster will feature three trains, each one themed to one of the villains in the teaser wanted posters posted inside the park: Chess, Digger and whatever the name of the final villain will be.
Of course, this is just my thinking right now for the most part, as I've also heard about every possible western name you can think of so far this summer including, Bandit(s), Desperado(s), Banditos, Maraduders and Highwaymen. So far nothing has popped up on the official Trademark database to tip us off, so Cedar Point is playing this one very close to the vest right now, or naming the ride after something generic enough that they can't file a trademark for it.
Apparently "Claim Jumper" is the name of a restaurant chain owned by Landry's Inc, but oddly enough, it is not trademarked by them. "ClaimJumper" is however trademarked for the use of art galleries and real estate by some Delaware company.

Anyways it kinda makes sense with the wanted posted teasers. Cedar Point wants guests to "jump" on the "claim" of catching the suspects for the prize money. That doesn't change the fact that it's a stupid, nonsensical name, but it's not out of CF's realm to trademark ridiculous names for their coasters (Mystic Timbers).
Claim jumping is a gold rush-era term where someone claims mining rights on land that someone else has already claimed rights to.

So it definitely fits with the theme, but it's an even dumber name than Flight Deck.

On another note, Kings Dominion Hurler has semi-leaked, with another oh so creative Cedar Fair name, "Twisted Timbers."


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