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cadi40 wrote:I didn't want a single rail coaster before and I definitely don't want one now after this is just a clone, And I heard they have terrible capacity, Although the theming in CGA Looks great!

Which one has terrible capacity? Cause not one is even open to make that determination . . .

Also, it seems like cedar fair is debunked the notion that a conversion has to be shorter than the original.
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By cwgator

Knott’s Berry Farm will welcome HangTime, a brand new steel rollercoaster - and the only dive coaster on the West Coast - to the theme park during the 2018 summer season. HangTime will tower 150 feet over the Boardwalk area, showcasing gravity-defying inversions, mid-air suspensions and twisting dive tracks.
HangTime will send riders up a vertical lift hill into a raised 96-degree drop - the steepest drop in California. The coaster’s train will come to a halt once the highest peak is reached, and will leave riders suspended at the crest for several seconds at a 60-degree angle, giving the illusion of a disappearing track. Then the train will suddenly descend in a beyond-vertical drop, through 2,198 feet of steel track and five gravity-defying inversions. HangTime will be only the second rollercoaster in the Western Hemisphere to feature a negative-g stall loop, which gives riders the sensation of floating.

HangTime’s ride structure itself will come to life and illuminate the Boardwalk area with colorful nighttime track chase lighting that will accompany the coaster train’s travels across the smooth steel track. The coaster continues Knott’s legacy in rollercoaster innovation and industry firsts; the park introduced the very first corkscrew inversion rollercoaster with Corkscrew, and the first flywheel launch coaster with Montezuma’s Revenge.

Guests can experience an entire season of fun including the thrill of HangTime with a 2018 Knott’s Season Pass, on sale now at the best price of the year. A Regular Season Pass includes unlimited admission in 2018 to Knott’s Berry Farm with no blackout dates, and a Gold Season Pass includes unlimited admission in 2018 to both Knott’s Berry Farm and the newly expanded Knott’s Soak City Waterpark with no blackout dates.
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By gabed
Hangtime looks pretty cool, hard to believe that it's been 13 years since Knotts got a thrill coaster.

On another note, I have a feeling Steel Vengeance will go down as the best coaster of the decade.
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By cwgator
SFOG 2018 Tease from Facebook:

Interesting....fidget spinners...and one of them appearing like it's spinning on The Joker.
Then the red circles....yes interesting.

Is this to throw people off about the presumed RMC conversion? S&S Free Spin coming instead? Something else completely different? Hurricane being highlighted (obvious to me it's either in the name/theme or something additional for the water park)? I guess we'll all know in a couple weeks.
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By Jarsh
Don't pay any attention to the red circles in the grainy googled image, lol. That's a pic I sent the park of the Georgia Cyclone being labeled at The Joker on Google maps. I circled the name and added a question mark to the image.

Didn't realize that the park would use it as marketing, haha!
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By Jonathan
They’re back. And they’re back with a VENGEANCE! Once intimidated and disrespected by the musings of Maverick, outcasts Jackson “Blackjack” Chamberlain, Chess “Wild One” Watkins and Wyatt “Digger” Dempsey have returned to FrontierTown to right the wrongs done to them and their fellow FrontierTown Folk.

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