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By cwgator
If anyone is interested, Oak's Amusement Park in Portland, Oregon is adding a Eurofighter 320 model (like Hydrus at Casino Pier) for 2018. It appears to be replacing Looping Thunder, which closes for good on September 24th.

The coaster is not yet named. They are doing a social media contest to select the name.

Park website: http://oakspark.com/

Facebook Post announcing the ride and naming contest:

A new extreme in roller coaster excitement is coming to Oaks Amusement Park during the spring of 2018! The ride features a 72' vertical lift, past-vertical initial drop, 97° loop, an Immelman turn, heartline roll, 45 mph maximum speed, 1,050' track, and a 48" minimum height.

All of that excitement needs a name... and that's where you come in! Enter the name-the-new-coaster contest by filling out the form at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdBQkzVBa32awnvkWtu7y9Rb6zLxjoI0FjkodYpgjLfkSfJDw/viewform. The winning entrant will receive a $500 Oaks Park Gift Card, awarded at the new coaster's grand opening next spring (date and details TBA on oakspark.com).

Keep in mind, our ride will be themed around the winning name, so these photos are examples of the ride, not of the colors or car design.

Entries accepted through December 1, 2017. You may enter as many names as you like. The winning name will be selected by Oaks Park management. Winner will be notified by email between January 1 and March 24, 2018. Entrants under 18 years of age must have parental consent.

They didn't have any ride renderings, but included pics of similar rides.
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By cwgator
Six Flags Great America has announced it's closing King Chaos this Sunday for a 2018 attraction on Facebook.

Here's the area around King Chaos:

The obvious ride to put there may be a Larson Loop. However, I measured the area and a Skywarp would fit there. (Skywarp is 120' by 30'). It would be the first (or one of them if other SF parks are adding them as well).
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By cwgator
Shocking news from Dollywood. They are removing Splash Battle after Labor Day. I heard rumors, but didn't think it would be this ride. I'm sure there will be plenty of people upset with this move, especially families with children.
By Edwardo
Wow. That's a shock. Wonder why? Most water rides get good lines. Either they have something way better in mind or the things a headache. I've never ridden it but love those types of rides.
The last 5 times I've been to Dollywood this season in June, July and August it really didn't have a line at all and 3 out the 5 were Saturday trips and this past Saturday the park was packed but that was because of the homecoming parade and Dolly was present waving to everyone.

After 9yrs I guess people aren't feeling it anymore?
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By Jarsh
cwgator wrote: I'm sure there will be plenty of people upset with this move, especially families with children.

Trust me when I say that if they are removing a family attraction, they have a solid reason to. It will most likely be replaced with another, better family attraction(s).
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By cwgator
Oh I'm sure they will put in something great. I've also seen where they may be trying to build up on the mountain opposite the ride and will possibly shift the main pathway to where RB currently sits to do this and be ADA compliant. Of course this was something I read on another forum site, so...with a grain of salt...lol

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up at Wild Adventures for next year (or later on). I know the locals would eat it up, especially since the main draw seems to be the water park.
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By cwgator
See...I knew people would be upset and in their feelings about losing River Battle at Dollywood:
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This lady is on another level with it. You're all going to hell for lusting after each other in bathing suits...lol
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