Everything else goes here, including discussion of parks outside of Carowinds and any off-topic discussion
Honestly, I had saw communication between a citizen and someone on the council asking for more information and the councilman stated 150 ft, 2 acres, inversions. Knowing Busch just installed something that fits the bill perfectly it was kinda a given.

I'm also looking at a park chain that installed a large coaster in 3 of their parks in 13, 14 and 15 and they seems to be starting that cycle over with the same 3 parks again in 16, 17 and hopefully 18 :wink: :wave:
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By KIJester
Not sure if this is the right thread, but would any of you object if the rumored North American park that recently purchased Liseberg's Kanonen coaster was Carowinds or would you prefer a newer, larger launched from another manufacturer? Just curious
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By arby
I'd prefer if the first launched coaster at Carowinds wasn't Intamin - solely for the reliability issues they tend to have. Besides that, I'd be fine with nearly any launched coaster, new or used.
HAHAHA but if I were a betting man, its gonna be HUGE! Its gonna be the best because RMC only produces the best. Im super excited for it now . . . for some strange reason :shh: :thumbup: :wave:
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By Jonathan
http://www.dn.se/sthlm/grona-lund-far-n ... h-dalbana/

Not a 2018 or even 2019, but 2020 announcement: Grona Lund, already maybe the most compact park in the world, is somehow going to squeeze in a 5 inversion B&M inverted. Very unique layout that should have some incredible interaction with the rides, buildings, and midways it sits on top of.


Looks like another cheap Norwegian Dreamliner flight to Stockholm could be in order in a few years.
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