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By Edwardo
Anyone see any pix of Mean Streak from today's event? Its looking really good. After the first drop it goes up and Banks 30 degrees to the left, kicks back to normal and finishes on the ground, going the "right" way. Looks like it's killer.

I've seen some people claim that was an inversion online. Its not. Lots of false info out there, but the ride will be amazing once it Opens next year.
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By gabed
I have to agree with Axel that it's dumb of them to not announce this thing, even if it is for 2018. Lots of parks both in and outside the United States announce rides more than a year in advance. I say just go ahead and do it.
By Edwardo
Why is it stupid? The park is doing this as a marketing gimmick and Its working perfectly. People are talking, and that's what they want. No need to spend marketing money now when the GP aren't paying attention to it, just to spend more money reminding people again in 2018.
A brighter pic from a instagram poster. You can see a lot of new wood to raise the height of the drop. Uuhhh Sasquatch as a later name? I think not. I'm sure CF knows better. Lol
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