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I wanted to wait to start this thread until I finished the sketches. I just finished them about 10 minutes ago. The sketches (like my past Carowinds Entrance Model) are drawn to scale. This model is being built for a private buyer. Within the next day or so I'll start the foundation for the house. I will make every single Shingle, Board, and I'll paint each brick. I'll even attempt to do paint "washes" in order to make cracks and small details seem more prominent. I can't add the pictures (or even links to single pictures) with the picture showing in this post. They are still too large and will lag the page. So instead, here is a link to the Imgur Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/UANe4
And here is one photo:

Also, how can I include the small images that you can click on? My camera takes 4,000 pixel images.
Shows you what I know :lol:
Anyway. After 6.5 hours of total work so far, I have finished the Chimney.
I've finished the ground floor walls. Next I'll add the windows and doors to them.
Total hours of work so far: 18
He wanted me to build this last year, but I never got the chance too. Now I'm finally working on it. This project is merely for practice for me. New painting techniques, building styles, etc. He also paid for it last year too, so I'm not charging him any more for something that was supposed to be built in 2015. Things got out of hand (out of my control honestly) and I never got around to building it. But now I am. And I've told him I'll have it finished no later than the end of March.

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