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He definitely has the design experience background!

his website:

the spelling is actually 'Whirligig Woods'

Cute location... reminds me of Santa Claus, Indiana

2012 NY Times article on Saxapahaw

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This will be interesting to follow, particularly to see if there is a market for these smaller parks. There was a boom of 'trolley parks' during the late 19th century into the early 20th century. Many of those parks are now defunct.

Time will tell as to whether or not he can make this, and his other parks, relevant to the 21st century and get people to come back.
I can't help but be highly skeptical of dream projects like this, but his resume and the fact that they apparently already have the land is intriguing. This would be an incredibly exciting development. I've been saying for years that the Triangle is one of the most untapped markets for an amusement park in the country.
Jonathan, it's been in the planning stage for 5 years. Ive been hearing rumors for a while. My cousin is doing the land clearing. The fencing is up around the future park. I've also been told that it will start out small with 25 rides and grow in time. They are using 21 acres but have more for future development.
The location of Whirligig Woods is ideal being right between the Triangle and the Triad.

The video mentions two more NC parks he's planning after this one. One on the coast, that will have a pirate theme, and another with a candy theme. Make NC Great Again!
FamousAmos wrote:Did any of you ever get to go to Lakeside Park in Roanoke? After the flood of 86' I think it never opened again. To my knowledge, it's a parking-lot now.

This park? If so, Shooting Star was brought by what is now Wet N Wild Emerald Pointe but never built. The train(s) were sent to Family Kingdom for Swamp Fox and the rest of what made it to Emerald Pointe was scrapped. Some parts of Shooting Star remained in Salem and found interesting uses.

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