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By jasonondropzone
Well, I went to Carowinds yesterday, and we started off the day with Vortex, grade: 8, then we went on to Carolina Cobra, grade: 6.5 not what I expected but still fun, after that we went onto Carolina Cyclone, grade: 7.8, then onto the hurler, grade:5, then onto Drop Tower, grade: 4 nothing compared to King's Island's version which I'm used to. After those first few rides we went onto Windseeker I've already rode the one at KI, then we went onto the INTIMIDATOR!!!!, grade: 10,000,000! xD, awesome air time, awesome seat, very comfortable. Afterburn was quite fun, although the ride op was very rude, as soon as you walk through the gates to the car, he tells you the trains are locking, and I was still putting my items in the bins, and he did indeed lock my seat! The southern star wasn't that great, kind of painful because of the shoulder harnesses, grade: 2. All in all I had a GREAT time, and I would love to go back, but my mom finds it to be waste of time for her, she's a chicken, bye bye!
By Picklesthedrummer
Sounds like you had a great first time at Carowinds. Intimidator is one of my all time favorite coasters so I am glad you really enjoyed it as well. As for Afterburn, they always do that to hurry people up and keep capacity up.
By iball
jasonondropzone wrote:It was AMAZING and Intimidator is my favorite coaster just below Beast at KI.

I agree about the Beast being the best all time coaster but I'll have to say that if you factor out wait time, Nighthawk is the best at carowinds, with wait time on a saturday I'd say afterburn then thunder road then intimidator
By Picklesthedrummer
I don't think I have ever heard anyone factor in wait time to decide a favorite coaster lol. If that were the case, Intimidator would be my #1 coaster and not Millennium Force.
By Picklesthedrummer
^What do you have against the Beast? Personally it's one of my favorites.
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By Jay
Slow, boring, rough, over-braked. Not exactly the qualities I look for in a good wooden coaster. This is a case where the hype of a ride influences your opinion before you even really get to ride it. Millennium Force has the same effect on people.

Believe me I thought the Beast was a great ride when I hadn't ridden anything in 2003. But when I started to venture out and I found rides like Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce, Phoenix at Knoebels, and Thunderhead at Dollywood, I discovered how lame the Beast really was. Back in the 80s and early 90s it may have been fantastic, but I never rode that Beast and I doubt anyone else here did either.

In my last visit to KI in 2009 I enjoyed the Beast much more than on my previous visits, yet still it's only good enough for 46th in my latest ballot. All I'm saying it lets go to a few more places before we anoint Beast as the king of all coasters. Holiday World, Knoebels, Dollywood, Lake Compounce, Waldameer.
By Picklesthedrummer
Ahh I understand. Still one of my favorite coasters, but that is my opinion. One thing I have never understood is why the Pheonix is considered a great ride. I have ridden it many times and don't consider it a true great. Of course it has been many years since I have ridden it, and I was not the coaster enthusiast I am today. Maybe I wasn't appreciating something on it back then as I would today.
By jasonondropzone
I totally believe that the Beast isn't as great as it may sound, but I honestly think it is very fun, and not slow, the lift hill is pretty slow but the rest of the ride makes up for it, Big Dipper at Camden Park in Huntington is really fun too, if you don't weigh any more than 100 pounds then you get a lot of air time, weeeeee!
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By arby
I agree with you, JamminJ, although El Toro is also in my list of favorite wooden coasters. The Beast is not near the top of my list.
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By Mountain3307
The Beast is still at the top of my Woodie list... I had the pleasure of riding it back in '90 before it was tamed a bit... Haven't rode it since.

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