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So I'm coming to Carowinds for the first time ever in June, and I just have a little question. What is the average wait time during the week for the major rides? (i.e. Fury, Intimidator) I know that you cant know exactly, but what would and honest estimate be? Thanks,

Get there when it opens and go right to nighthawk. Then make your way to ricochet and then rip roaring rapids (usually opens at 11) after that everything is usually a walk on. Pvz and boo blasters are a great way to beat the heat. Intimidator may have a line because the folks are slow but it moves fast. Maybe 5-10 min
Fury, Intimidator, Afterburn,Hurler, Ricochet, and Cobra will have like 10-15minute waits usually on weekdays. Sometimes, depending on the time a day you may get a walk on. Nighthawk(Ride this first, or last) is usually 30-45minute wait during the week. Rip Roaring Rapids is the same. Honestly, Carolina Harbor is what you should be worried about. Any day you choose it will be moderate to busy. Hope this helps.
Pretty much what everyone said is good to go. Even if the parking lot gets busy, most of them will be in Carolina Harbor (water park). I went the first full week of June in 2015 when local schools were still in session and never waited more than 10 minutes for anything....except Nighthawk which was about 20 right after opening. It was only that long since they were running one train that day.
Very accurate thread OP. Everyone's advice is extremely on point.

Unless you get unlucky you won't have much waiting at all. But yeah if Nighthawk is something you want to do go straight for it. It's pretty much the traditional rule of coasters here lol.

Tell us about your trip hope you have fun man. :D

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