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In the famous words of Andy Barkley in "childs play"...

"this is the end...friend"

Jarvis "waits for the 'where will the onride camera be' poll" Morant
jasonwilson88 wrote:Whoever bet that it would be complete prior to Christmas was correct!

Can't wait to ride this monster - and 305 up north.

if they ever finish it lol...
I noticed last week that they were waiting for the final pieces to arrive from the fabricators before they could be installed, why was this? Do you think they had to wait till the end before the final section(s) could be made to compensate for error? It seems it would be near impossible to fabricate something of this scale, with the number of angle changes, sections, and stay precise. That final section has to line up with the first installed. One piece could be one inch too long during the course, but that final piece would need to be adjusted for it. Am I under estimation the precision of this type construction, and in general the whole coaster can be fabricated error free?
Capler wrote:Who's following the other Intimidator? Are they near done with track?

That's a negative. They've definately stepped up the pace recently, but they still have a ways to go. I'm thinking late January or early February... ... webcam.cfm
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