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By Edwardo
“I was walking through the park with one of the designers, Mike Foley, who had made the transition from Paramount Parks to Cedar Fair. He and [former Cedar Fair SVP of Planning and Design] Rob Decker got along great,” Helms recalled. “We were walking and talking about where the new roller coaster would go, and I just said, ‘Mike, we need to take out the log flume and I think if we could put that coaster up there, everybody on I-77, everybody on Carowinds Boulevard and Avenue of the Carolinas, they are going to see it. It will help more of the presence of the ride’.”

Jerry actually told me this story in 2010 at an event. He said that they wanted it back in the park and that in front it would serve as the best advertisement or billboard for the park.
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By gabed
I'm not surprised, but geez this is sad. Seems like this was a early chain-wide decision with most other Cedar Fair parks making similar statements today
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By TheBoss01
Snowman wrote:$50 pass perks next year! I see t-shirts in my future!

Here comes my first rides on ripcord! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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