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By ASU2009
Gonna mjss this site. Never posted too much. I did especially enjoy the intimidator construction and rumor thread. I got a lot of laughs out of those. I worked at the park at the time and had seeen the blue prints, and specs well before they were announced. Kinda fun watching the guessing game go on. One of you even got my picture on announcement day. Nonetheless great memories and some entertaining mom :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: ents for me.
Even though I was too anti-social to ever attend any of the events yall planned, its still been a great experience ever finding these forums. Still rember it like it was yesterday, getting home from middle school in 09 and rushing over to the old family dell desktop and scrolling the intimidator construction page. I rember every summer, me and my brother would scroll the scarowinds page to see where the haunts were going, then go to the park and cross reference where the markings matched up in the park. It almost makes me teary eyed to know the place where my coaster enthusiasm started is going to completely disappear in 2021. Just another tally on how 2020 has been a miserable year of mishaps and misfortune lol. I want to thank this community for all the hardwork and dedication put into these pages. I guess I have nothing better to do now other than scroll the r/carowinds board in hopes of ever having another carowinds based community. Hope every here has happy and successful life and I hope this isn't a good bye, more than its a "see ya later"
By JWitter
Thank you for making this site all those years ago. I only came across you guys right around the time of Fury being announced. I didn't post much around here, but I really enjoyed the trip reports, and speculation on what's to come at Carowinds.

I really hope someone starts something new, I don't have any social media accounts unless Reddit counts?

It's been fun, thanks again for keeping this alive for so long.
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By Chris
I can't stress enough how well the Roller Coasters reddit group is ran. (not sure about the /Carowinds group... seems dead).

Come join us on Reddit.
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By dirkdiggler1992
The Carowinds Reddit group is legit dead, never really was a thing to be honest besides spammers from time to time with their stupid vlogs. And if it’s anything truly worthwhile you’re gonna see it on r/rollercoasters, but for a park of our size that’s just fine. Even our local friends like SFoG or Dolly don’t had their own legit sites so just having had a Carowinds one is impressive on its own.
By LocoDriver
Well if it was going to happen, I guess 2020 was the year for it to blow up. LOL.

Jonathan, well done over the years. I was one of the original members and haven't really posted much over the past several years. I remember my wife and I meeting up with Max at the commercial shoot for Borg. I also met Jarvis and several others on that chilly spring day. Even though my post have dropped off over the years, I still enjoyed reading the updates on my home park through this site. I'll admit it got harder over the years to interact with others on the site as there were a few very opiniated posters that ruined it for me. I guess that is life in the social media world we live in now.

Anyway, I will miss the exciting speculation and updates on the growth and additions of Carowinds. Good luck to all and pray we have a 2021 season.

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