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By Dukeis#1
winthropjr wrote: I was a team leader in area four of the park-Boardwalk and Thrill Zone. Just to let you know, the blue train is in storage in the maintanace storage room behind the Cyclone. I was moved around in area four and worked with Goldrusher. They are currently rebuilding the blue train to provide new seat belts and then when it is finished, blue is theoretically going back on track. They will then take either red or green off and redo the seat belts on there. Hopefully, it will be done over the winter.

Wow, nice to have an employee on the site. :)

Do you have any imput on the werabouts of the 4th train?

And I believe the Blue Trais has been gone for about two seasons. It's rebuild must not be one of there high priorities right now.
By Trev32
oo if you work there you can tell us the theme and name for TCFKAS(the coaster formerley known as stealth) ;) lol
By winthropjr
The fourth train was news to me and the picture was cool. However, I really do not see how a fourth train would run on the track. The blcks are weird and with three trains it is hard enough because lift two stops. With adding the 4th it would almost seem impossible to operate it.

And with telling the name, I am in as much suspense as everyone else. I dont have a clue, I did know it was coming before most people knew. The drawings and plans sit in the Maintenance room, fyi, many secrets lie there. Originally, Carowinds was still debating with putting a topsin in around the old ball factory thing, I cant remember the name, didnt go over there much. I hate those, so I am glad about the Vekoma Flyer. I remember talking to one of the maintenance guys while at the Hurler, where I normally was a team leader, and he said they had to do lots of testing to see if the ground was sound in that area.
By Trev32
i remember seeing a post here that said that the park was going to have a few updates or somthing lke that,do you know any of them that you are allowed to tell?

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