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just wish you could see the part that was changed a little better it looks funny without all the trees surrounding it :D
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Seeing that monorail track makes me want to tear up. Most of you young folk have no idea how few trees Carowinds had when the park first opened. It was brutal on a hot summer day. It took years for today's canopy to grow in. Damn, when you can remember when a tree was a sapling, you're old! :cry:
Wow, between that last statement, and Wes being 95, I thought I was old.

It did used to get quite hot in the park. In fact, riding the monorail was one of the ways to cool off. I can still picture it waiting in the Vortex station today. And the Speedway cars - did we ever think that was fun?
Oh my Wormy! I forgot about riding the Monorail just because it was a cool place. Once you cross the blazing hot parking lot, there use to be a little pond out on the strip of land where the Carowinds Ducks swam :D . We use to do the little outlet mall, (not sure what it is now), across the parking lot once we left the park. Since Charlotte had the only Krisby Kreme in the area, we stopped there on our way back down Independence (back when Independence was the street in Charlotte). Those were some good days my friend.

Speaking of the Monorail, as you road it, they use to give some kind of a spill about the park during the course, do anybody remember what they were talking about? I remember them telling us, as we passed the outlet mall that we should visit it before we left the grounds. I think they told us something about the ducks too. 'These ducks few all the way in from Canada for your viewing pleasure.' :lol: When you went on the Sky Tower, they pointed out Charlotte and it's 3 tall building, NCNB, First Union & I think the Charlotte Plaza? Then on the other side was the tallest building in South Carolina, the 20 story unfinished Grand Hotel at Heritage USA. To the West there was always a plane landing at the airport. >>>>>For a country boy from Anson County all of this was big time city stuff. :?
PreferParamount wrote:Is the vortex satation an old monorail sation, I didn't know that :?:

And where do you get those pictures of old carowinds from

Actually, the photo roxxxtar posted was on my "now defunct" Early Carowinds website. I got plenty more where those came from including more aerial construction shots from 1972. A favorite photo of many was the Goldrusher transfer track with 4 trains on it and the monorail station in the background. Yes, they had 4 trains for the Goldrusher! :shock: I've had quite a few emails asking if I were going to ever upload the website again. Well, the answer is. I'd like to. Can anybody suggest a good, cheap ISP?
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