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By chunkyskunk
To me, the perfect Intamin launcher for us would be what I would call a 'Launched Mega Mid.' Basically, a coaster in between a Mega Lite and an I-305 in size, speed and length. It would launch on a straight and then up a hill of about 150' more or less (similar to Powder Keg) with some air time at the top then it would turn into a larger version of a Mega Lite but smaller than I-305. I am not a fan of 'Fahrenheit' and 'Maverick' type. Forget a 'Kingda Ka' style as I would like a coaster to actually work most of the time and not be down. That is just my 3 cents worth.
By Picklesthedrummer
TrojanCamMan wrote:I would love to see a Cheetah Hunt Style Coaster. That thing was loads of fun.

Have you ridden it yet? It looks fun and would be a great addition to Carowinds if they put in a similar ride.
By waross
Mack Rides Log Flume

I would demo the Hurler and a good bit of that area and re-theme it.

Install a Gravity Group or Intamin Pre-Fab woodie.

With the expansion, they're going to have to figure out a way to transport guests around.
I like the train idea, compound that with a 2-3 station Von Roll Skyride or the like.

B&M Wing Walker coaster perhaps.
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By drpeppuh93
after looking at all the artwork for the new wingrider, X-flight, coming to SFGAm... I would like to formally add a wingrider to my Wishlist for carowinds. That ride looks sick!!! :D
By chunkyskunk
I agree. I love the layout. Having the backwards immelmann after the lift hill is different. Love the zero G roll. Love the element threading the needle. Would be cool to see one. Would not complain. I still think I would prefer a 200' plus floorless Dive Machine though. Higher, faster and steeper. Either way, I really do think our next B&M will be one of the two.
By Picklesthedrummer
Another thing I need to add to my wishlist. Please make Drop Tower taller!!!! I hate having the shortest Intamin drop tower. Thanks Paramount......
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By Mr.Nitro
I definitely agree with enclosing the Outer Hanks area and making it air conditioned, there's room for it and what would be awesome. They could also remodel the diner in Thrill Zone to make it happen. If I had to pick, I'd go with the diner, that area needs it bad. Nothing but hot pavement back there.

2. add TREES to all area's of the park, again... especially the back.
3. remove Hurler, it has way too big of a footprint that a much better GCI woodie could be taking up.
4. Remove Vortex and put a dive coaster like Griffon from Busch Gardens there. It would fit, and it would be 50x better.
5. get rid of the action theater and put a dark ride there like Spiderman or DarKastle.
6. Put a huss GF where those HUGE sqaure shaped games in thrill zone are, and surround it with grass.

If those things happened, I would be UNBELIEVABLY happy with Carowinds. I don't think im asking a lot either. Just remove 3 rides in favor of better ones, add some AC and trees.
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By billcollins531
Things are going a little slow today, so I figured I'd crack open a can of MS paint!


Giga/dive/whatever type of steel coaster could go in the back there with a new woody in Hurler's place. By the way, this looks to be a pretty recent picture of Carowinds (based on Intimidator's existence and the green leaves) - what's that construction going on in the back there? I marked it in yellow.
By chunkyskunk
I do agree that would be a great place for a Giga or a large coaster for several reasons. Like you mentioned, the trees would be great. Would love to see part of it go thru the woods, ala Beast, Voyage, etc. Also, that section of the park could use some attention. Would be great for the skyline in the back of the park. I still think we will not get a Giga coaster anytime soon. I still say our next major coaster will be a GCI woody, a B&M Dive Machine, A Intamin Launcher or a B&M Wing Coaster. I also will stand firm on no coaster removals, period. I love looking at the Carowinds Connection site looking at all of the great past rides. Most of which I wish we still had. I also hate that the park has lost so much ponds and lakes. I am 100% all for restoration and renovation with the addition of the new as well. Let's put one huge coaster where you have highlighted. Perfect location. Then another large coaster in the 'new' section of the park near Thunder Road. Then let's add a sky cable ride and connect the two sections. With the addition of the old train circling the park just like old times. Wow, that is a lot of dreaming.
By Picklesthedrummer
I think our next coaster will be something from B&M. Just will have to wait and see if it is a Wingrider, giga, floorless.
By hdmech
1. Although I do not like coaster removals, If nighthawk was taken out, a eurofighter would go great there! :D

2. B&M in south gate parking lot (preferably NOT giga, more like floorless, dive or wing)

3. S&S screaming swing OR outdoor Huss top spin (crypt?) located in intimidator's field

4. All for bringing back trees and nature in the park.

5. ACTUAL MUSIC IN THE PARK (If KI was playing eminem, you can do something other than random trumpets)

6. More to planet snoopy..... intamin strata coaster (launch at the football that lucy holds) :lol:

7. Drop tower has got to be question

Thats my input!
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