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By KIJester
Anyone think CF will grace us with an Intamin Blitz coaster like Taron or Maverick? Seems having two launches would satisfy most anyone clamoring for a Carowinds launch coaster, no?
By CCookieMonster
Maybe. They were looking for Carowinds to become the Cedar Point of the South. So a coaster with 2 launches would bring lots of publicity to Carowinds and fill in the gap of us not having a launch coaster in the first place. I agree it would deeply satisfy those wanting for a launch coaster for Carowinds. 2019 would be a good year to do it, though. 4 yrs after the last major coaster.
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By tarheel1231
CP of the South in terms of park amenities and market size. They aren't going to literally copy Cedar Point. The park already has more coasters than any other park in the region, so it's pretty much achieved that roller coaster park status (though it doesn't have the best quality, but that's a different discussion).
By Flarsen
Here are my wishes and that's all. Theme each section of the park based off the Carolinas (includes ride names). Add intamin blitz that is about 100 ft tall where the WWF plot is. For 50th anniversary add a racing GCI or RMC where Dino alive is. Maybe RMC hurler in the same year! Give us a huss frisbee and a dark ride like wonder mountains guardian and take out PvZ (they removed the 3D!). Do something with crossroads plz!!! Yep, that's it for my rant.
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By coasterbruh
KIJester wrote:Anyone think CF will grace us with an Intamin Blitz coaster like Taron or Maverick?

By Flarsen
tarheel1231 wrote:They didn't remove the 3D. It seems more likely that they just don't put it on during low traffic.

That just means I can't enjoy it because I only come on low traffic days.
tarheel1231 wrote:I miss Gr8 Sk8. How about a Super Miami like the one at Seabreeze?
I love these rides. I also love that theming as well. A nice spot for this would be where that basketball game is next to ThunderRoads station and Rita's is. I would love to see that game removed anyway. It's to many basketball games as it is. The other BB games in the park can stay though. Don't know if that area behind the game will ever be used. It seems like it's the bone yard and storage area now. I'm hearing the park is suffering from space with storage. So in other words, why not add something like this in the area since it would serve as a wall to block a backstage area, unlike that extra basketball game.
The 3 point challenge, the soon to be relocated 1 in showplace, an the one by Windseeker (across from the arcade) are fine. The 4th one next to Rita's (across from Southern Star) is the one that needs to go.
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