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By CCookieMonster
Edwardo wrote:What makes you think it’s on Park property?
Cameron wrote:It may not be. I just heard it was years ago. Like 5 years ago but I'm sure they could find another one no problem. The gauntlet that is.

I doubt breakdance is on property but you never know. I believe something happened and the breakdance was scrapped.

Oh, I thought it was. Wasn't it on park property like 3 years ago? I might just be wrong. I thought it came at the same time as the other 4 rides (in County Fair) did.
By RollerBee
Edwardo wrote:What makes you think it’s on Park property?

I don’t believe Breakdance ever made it to the USA. I also believe what Barbwire says about Gauntlet being scrapped. You could clearly see the ride in a scrap metal container in a satalite view of the park from that offseason.
By CCookieMonster
RollerBee wrote:I don’t believe Breakdance ever made it to the USA. I also believe what Barbwire says about Gauntlet being scrapped. You could clearly see the ride in a scrap metal container in a satalite view of the park from that offseason.

Thanks for clarification. :thumbup:
By uscbandfan
I wish they would bring back some of the water from back in the day. Used to have a big lake (river) with smurf island, the waterfall and lake around Frenzoid (now Southern Star). There was big water under White Lightnin' too. Now… almost no water at all in the park except for at the covered bridge next to Camp Snoopy.

Assuming they're going to put a coaster in the WWF area... Lets take the opportunity with the WWF area and put a lake under the new coaster. Maybe they could recreate the horseshoe waterfall that was around the Frenzoid from back in the day and put a similar feature around part of the new coaster and have some water back in the park.
frenzoid.PNG (177.11 KiB) Viewed 538 times
By CCookieMonster
That all sounds so pretty! In that case I hope we get a lot more water in the park, too. I've always liked water for scenery and things like that, but I never thought about it in a theme park. Thanks, uscbandfan for telling me a few things about the park I didn't know. I really like the idea of having more water in the park as I think it's really beautiful to look at (eg the ocean, lakes, ponds). Where do y'all think we could have water? I think around Southern Star similar to how it is in that picture would look really nice, especially since it's a boat ride.

And speaking of water does anyone else think we need one or two more water rides? I feel like it is a need especially from May to September when highs easily go in the 95 to 105° range. (105° might be a bit of a stretch but definitely 95 to 100°.)
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By tarheel1231
^^ Rip Roarin' Rapids has always been my favorite water ride at the park (and now it is by default), but I've felt it could use a thematic upgrade. Maybe a couple of drops and tunnels to make it more like one of the Orlando rapids rides (Kali River Rapids, Popeye, and that new one coming to SeaWorld). Increase the capacity and you've got one of the best attractions in the park.
By CCookieMonster
^I agree with you, tarheel. R3 is a really good water ride, but I just think we need another one.

This scenario is based on a true story-
Imagine it being a Saturday in July and the forecast high is 96°. Everybody would be going to the water park, or that one water ride to cool down and nobody wants to wait an hour and lose 1 full hour for a 3 minute ride. Again, why we need another water ride and why we should have extended hours on maybe Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to midnight. (Just a suggestion)
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By Hiveminded
I would greatly enjoy it if the park extended their hours on the weekend. If Worlds of Fun can manage 11pm every Saturday in the summer why cant we?
By CCookieMonster
Someone gets me! :D If the park would just give us one or two more hours on Fridays and Saturday nights, I wouldn't be so much in a hurry trying to get through everyone else in CLT (ok, hyperbole) and the Carolinas (again, hyperbole) to get to the rides that I want with my family. Plus, who doesn't enjoy night rides?
Kings Dominion has added several 11pm closings for their Saturdays this year. Would be nice if Carowinds followed suit. I know its not really common, but they could even stretch closing times until 10:30pm Fridays & Saturdays. I know it sounds crazy, but you can get a few things done in 30 minutes.
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By gabed
A lot of parks actually close at 8:00 - 8:30 during the summer which drives me insane. So it could always be worse
By CCookieMonster
Yeah. It's so crazy how BGW closes at SIX O'CLOCK in JUNE!!! Six is so early, so you're right it could definitely be worse... but I still want midnight lol.
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By cwgator
If you think BGW's schedule is crazy, look at SeaWorld Orlando's current June schedule; it's very similar. For an Orlando park not to be open until 10pm in June is insane, regardless of financial woes. I'm sure it is a deciding factor for some people who want to go, but won't get the advantage of nighttime fun. I also think this may not be the final calendar since they are starting Electric Ocean the last weekend of May (instead of mid-June like last year) and normally runs nightly.

Even Busch Gardens Tampa is only open until 6pm during the first 2 weeks of June (except Fri & Sat). Then they go to 10pm every day. I think in their case however, it's based some of the local schools still being in session.
By uscbandfan
Could it be that Busch Gardens times have something to do with the animals? That's the only thing I'm thinking. Then again, if they close before dark, they don't have to spend the money to light up the place.

Tampa could also be subject to city ordinances since it's right downtown.
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