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By jeffdavis
While we're wishing for non-coaster ride additions...

I think the park could benefit from an in-park transportation ride. I think a chair lift would best accomplish this, with the riders able to get on and off at each end. Maybe even three stops? It wouldn't be for time saving, but for relaxing and sight-seeing. It could track the state line (obviously with some deviations) or it could run from one far-reaching part of the park to the opposite far-reaching part of the park.
By jeffdavis
I remember the sternwheeler and the monorail. But I thought I remembered the sternwheeler making a lap and stopping at the dock it left from. You historians can help me here. I remember walking across it to Smurf Island. I definitely remember riding the monorail and it had one station, so while it was a nice ride, it only brought you back to where you began.
By uscbandfan
Yes, the monorail and the sternwheeler left and returned to the same station. The monorail was originally slated to have a second station at a hotel out by the interstate but that never came to fruition... it remained an out-and-back sightseeing ride. As for the Sternwheeler, you accessed the island by walking across it while it was "docked" at its one and only station. (Another access point was a "ferry platform" on the other side of the island.)

I didn't care for the chairlifts because I didn't think the park large enough to support them. The train was good for relaxing but, again, park too small to really use it for transportation. I liked the train. Of the 4, that would be the one I would vote to bring back.

Trivia: One of the Carowinds engines ("Blue") was bought by Michael Jackson and ended up at Neverland Ranch.
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You know we could hearken back to yesteryear and do a monorail to the new hotel...
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By cwgator
The park isn't large enough honestly to need a transportation ride. With that said, I do like a nice train ride that goes around the park.
By jeffdavis
Thanks all!

To clarify: I don't "need" transportation inside the park (or to the gate). I just appreciate the relaxed "family" ride that would also take you somewhere other than back to where you started.

I imagine adding a train to a "finished" park can be quite difficult because of all the attractions and crossings to negotiate. Obviously one option is to skirt around the perimeter of the park primarily, but there would be many interferences.
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By FamousAmos
Isn't the Red Engine now at Tweetsie Railroad or something?
I was wondering where the Blue one went.
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By tarheel1231
At any rate, I doubt the park would want to install a new transportation attraction, as it’s not as much of a regional draw as a new thrill ride or water park ride. As far as transportation goes, it’s more likely they’d just continue to use the shuttles for guests coming to and from the resorts.
By fonzlinney
I do wish they would upgrade and expand the theater. I think the stage definitely needs to be bigger with a higher ceiling in the whole theater including the stage. I got a good close-up look at the front of the stage and on both sides the huge speakers were blown you could actually see through them which explains wth cirque imagine why they brought in speakers to sit on the stage which sounded great but it would be great if they had their own upgraded sound system and lighting. Also with a higher ceiling and a larger stage they can have room for more elaborate shows.
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By carolinaman
As far as the theater goes, I've always thought a lighted Marquee with lights around it would look good.
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By pproteinc
I say bring back the chair lift. If CGA can still utilize them, it’s about the same size if not smaller than Carowinds, they can definitely work. Maybe this time go from thrill zone to crossroads? Pretty lengthy ride.
By uscbandfan
The old Carowinds #1 which is called the "Melodia" is now owned by Rob Rossi and operates at his "Pacific Coast Railroad".

There were 3 engines that were once "stable-mates" at Laurel Valley Sugar Cane Plantation in Louisiana back in the 1940's. The two that came through Carowinds and the "Maud L." which ran at Cedar Point and is now operating at Disneyland as the "Ward Kimball". All 3 are now operating within 250 miles of each other.
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By coasterbruh
I think parks are not favorable of transportation rides, as they have been in the past, for plenty of reason but the main one (in my opinion) is the loss of profits. Transportation rides allow you to get to one point from a particular point uninterrupted. Translation, you miss the opportunity to stop by that store, or that food place and potentially make a purchase. Parks want every chance to get a dollar outta you and they miss that by allowing you to freely bypass them.
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By Chris
pproteinc wrote:I say bring back the chair lift. If CGA can still utilize them, it’s about the same size if not smaller than Carowinds, they can definitely work. Maybe this time go from thrill zone to crossroads? Pretty lengthy ride.

Bring back the chair lift, they said. What could possibly go wrong, they said.
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