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By CCookieMonster
I know it was bad and all it's just when you think about how crazy such a thing that you'd thought would never happen actually happened, it's a little funny. I'm not saying I would just outright laugh, I mean it's a little funny that such a weird thing happened. How'd it even go backwards anyway?
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By FamousAmos
I started laughing, then halfway through, realized how serious the situation was :lol: :shifty: :oops:
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By tarheel1231
Made another mockup of what I want to see the park look like within the next 5-10 years, but this approach is slightly more realistic:

CROSSROADS: I think this was gabed's idea, but naming the front area Crossroads makes sense as it is a cross section between many parts of the park. Hopefully they continue to phase out the Art Deco architecture and eventually make it into an International Street-esque area.

CAROUSEL PARK: Suggestions I'd make in this area would be a theater facade upgrade and concrete on Scrambler's pad. A Vortex conversion would be okay, but I'd rather see it replaced with some sort of family ride flat package here similar to Gemini Midway at CP and Route 76 at Valleyfair. Some sort of antique autos attraction and another major flat ride would make this area feel complete.

THRILL ZONE: Pretty generic section of the park. I guess more lighting would make it look nicer. Did they ever get around to putting the lighting package on Scream Weaver?

FOOTHILLS FESTIVAL: "Mountain" area, bring in some rockwork and water features, and move the Boardwalk theming to the Harbor.

COUNTY FAIR: This is currently my favorite section of the park (I haven't seen Camp Snoopy in person yet), there's probably nothing I'd change.

LOWCOUNTRY: I've already shared this idea many times, a Charleston/South Carolina lowlands and coast-themed area. As much as I love Boo Blasters, I think the building it's in would serve much better as a higher capacity dark ride/simulator or another theater.

CAMP SNOOPY: This area looks pretty good based off of pictures. Since Dinos Alive is on its way out soon, I think a Splash Battle would fit nicely in that corner by Wilderness Run. I would also paint Woodstock Express maroon or some sort of light brown to give it a more "woodsy" theme.

CAROLINA HARBOR: Place the lighthouse from the Boardwalk into the entry plaza, and use the Boats on top of Chickie's and Pete's as theming for Tidal Wave Bay.
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By gabed
I’m afraid that wasn’t me but I’ll gladly take credit for it :wave:
By jeffdavis
Are there any coasters out there with a mix of forward-facing cars and rear-ward facing cars on the same train? The reason I'm asking in this thread is because I "wish" for a coaster with a backwards-facing-full-circuit experience like what the late Thunder Road had on one side for a limited time.

If Carowinds got a new "family coaster" with a non-violent layout but certain cars faced backwards then it could offer guests another experience on the same attraction. Also families could ride the same train but in the different cars and the family members that are "up for it" could ride the backwards seats.

I know not every train can just be turned around, but if a manufacturer started from the beginning it would be fairly easy to have seats facing backwards on a train.

The "hurdle" would be the design of the que line area so that even the most absent-minded guests end up in the correct que for the direction they want to face. Another "hurdle" would be determining which seats would face backward and which would face forward, which might require a market survey before the train is even designed.

Or is this a pipe dream because too many people get sick riding backwards and don't re-ride? (Flying Cobras)
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By coasterbruh
jeffdavis wrote:Are there any coasters out there with a mix of forward-facing cars and rear-ward facing cars on the same train?

:lol: :clap: :thumbup:
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By FamousAmos
DC Rivals in Australia has one row in the back of the train that faces backward. Or is it two rows. I don’t remember.
By Edwardo
Thunderation has (or had) some seats turned. Boogie Woogie Space Coaster at the now defunct Space World in Japan did was well.
By uscbandfan
The Swarm reversed the last two rows backwards at Thorpe. Don't know if it's still that way though. To me, a backward roller coaster would probably push it out of the "family" status unless it's REALLY tame.
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By gabed
uscbandfan wrote:To me, a backward roller coaster would probably push it out of the "family" status unless it's REALLY tame.

Firechaser does fine
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