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By redrunner97
^ I'm not touching that one. lol But I respect your creativity. :thumbup:

Is it too late to start speculating about 2020?... 'cus I already know what I want:

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By gabed
The Mondial frisbees are better than the Huss ones by a mile, count me in!
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By tarheel1231
I know it's selfish to already be wishing for another coaster with one on the way next year, but for the park's next major thrill ride, I'm really hoping RMC can come an and build a ground-up wooden coaster. Specifically something of a wooden Twisted Colossus, but much taller. Like 15-16 stories tall. It would be a nice homage to Thunder Road as it was the tallest dueling/racing coaster in the world when it opened.

As far as location, there's about 3 1/2 acres in Dinosaur's Alive Spot, and even if you used some for a Camp Snoopy expansion, you could still feasibly fit a large coaster in the plot given that you use some of the parking lot. It could even cross over Intimidator similar to how Thunderbolt at KW crosses over Phantom's Revenge.

Honestly, I hope Hurler stays un-RMC'ed. I'm actually beginning to like the ride and with the track work done to it, it feels like it fills that gap of a nice family wooden coaster that was left by Thunder Road. That, and with Twisted Timbers somewhat nearby, I'd rather get something a little more unique.
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By redrunner97
I really want RMC to rip Hurler apart and put it back together again.

Then I hope the park gets a GCI (like Goldstriker) once the Dinos go extinct.

Then we'd have a world class GCI AND a world class RMC Hybrid. Best of both worlds.
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By carolinaman
I have only been on two RMC's, Twisted Timbers and Lightning Rod and would LOVE an RMC at Carowinds. But I personally would rather see them leave Hurler alone and build a ground up RMC.
By Edwardo
I would like to see the rest of the Front Plaza by the stage and such renovated with the buildings all switched from art deco to Carolina themed (I realize most would need to be destroyed and rebuilt). Depending on what happened with 2019, if the whole of the old County Fair section isn't renovated, I would like to see that, and Crossroads contained to just past the new County Fair to the start of the old County Fair.

I would definitely like a renovation of south gate to look like a smaller north gate. And the only other thing as far as non-attractions I'd like to see is for the Palladium and the buildings inside the amphitheater gates to have the outside renovated so that they look like the buildings at North Gate, with the blue roof of the Palladium repainted the same gray as the buildings at the North gate.

I would love to see a good GCI coaster go in the Dino's spot.

I would like to see Hurler get the Ghostrider treatment, with GCI completely retracking the rest of the ride and adding MF trains, and the station to be renovated in some way to not just be a big box.

I'd like to see a Vortex transformation into floorless.

I would like to see a midsize family spinning coaster somewhere in the park.

I'd love to see a modern log flume in the park. Intamin beat B&M out for Shoot the Rapids (and we see how that went) when B&M was offering a prototype, as they're apparently looking at getting into that space. Maybe Carowinds could get B&M's first water flume.

As for flats, I'd like to see a small family flat pack added somewhere with a Disk O, a Monster, and one other family flat. Then eventually a pendulum ride of some sort.

Finally, I need at least a Tornado in the water park, with a replacement for the kid's pool they just tore out, and one more large slide complex with those looping body slides or something.
By Edwardo
That’s over a several year period. They’re trying to get the park where it needs to be in terms of offerings so that they can then grow the brand in this market. Much like Dollywood did. I think those additions would get the park where it fully needs to be so that at that point any addition is to sustain and grow attendance. Every thing they’ve done since Ouimet cane has been the journey. They’re almost at the destination. But they know what they’re doing.
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By tarheel1231
I think the unused land behind Hurler would be a great spot for an indoor coaster in the future. Since it looks like the park is working with Mack, I think it would be great if at some point in the future, they built something similar to the new Guardians coaster at Epcot (not in terms of theming, but in the sense that it's a launched spinning coaster that the family can ride). It would be a nice example of Edwardo's midsize family spinning coaster idea.

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By redrunner97
What if Cedar Fair really committed to the idea of turning Carowinds into a true THEME park, as opposed to a more generic amusement park (albeit one with some pretty world-class coasters ;))? I’ve been thinking about what reasonable steps could be taken in each section of the park to continue Carowinds’ recent trend of meaningful transformation.

Here are a few ideas that would be relatively easy to pull off (for the most part at least… :shifty:):


CAROLINA PLAZA (currently Celebration Plaza)
Out of the gate, the first section of the park needs to make a big impression. The front gate is amazing but everything beyond the bridge could still use some tender loving care.

Replacing those ugly art deco buildings with more modern architecture like Starbucks and expanding the plaza stage is a must. A small fountain or reflection pool where the old Carowinds logo planter used to be would also look great—as long as foot traffic isn’t blocked too much.

NEW SOUTH MARKETPLACE (currently Celebration Plaza / Camp Snoopy?)
This section is currently super generic and doesn’t even seem to have a name on the 2018 park map. It just kinda blends in with the surrounding areas. No bueno. It used to be called “Old World Marketplace,” so why not give that name a modern update?

New South Marketplace is a celebration of Southern charm, innovation, and progress. This one’s easy: Intimidator (what’s more “New South” than NASCAR?), Kiddy Hawk (celebrates arguably the greatest invention of the entire region: flight), Nighthawk (several species of hawks are native to the Carolinas), and Harmony Hall (it’s literally a marketplace). Even Panda Express makes sense considering the modern South is a true melting pot. Ripcord is so generic, it’ll fit almost anywhere

COUNTRY CROSSROADS (currently Crossroads)
Bring back the full classic name! Stretching from the edge of County Fair to Camp Snoopy and the front of the park, Country Crossroads is the heart of Carowinds.

Virtually every path converges here, at the center of the park, making it an almost literal crossroad. It feels rural too, with lots of trees, a large square featuring a grand gazebo, a quaint little candy store, and a shop that looks like a barn. This area has a lot of potential, especially if Boo Blasters were to be revamped with a regional ghost story or throwback live show like Phantom of the Opry. Windseeker is a bit generic, but the park ain’t called CaroWINDS for nothing!

PALMETTO PIER (currently Crossroads)
Tarheel finally won me over on this name. It’s clever and works with my ideas for the current Boardwalk section. Plus, the beach theme would only be enhanced if they ever end up adding a path to the waterpark (which isn’t necessarily out of the question, even with Project Alpha coming soon). Imagine something like Knott’s amazing Boardwalk Pier that debuted in 2012, which feels like an authentic California boardwalk.

Deck out the entire area with palm trees, string lights, big photo-op postcards, surf gear, wooden planks, etc. Maybe add a fountain or a couple small ponds, which would both enhance the seaside theme and replace some of the park’s lost water features. Southern Star would fit well as is (it is a big boat afterall) and Dodgems go hand in hand with boardwalks. PVZ is going to stick out like a sore thumb no matter where it is. And Yo-Yo would be replaced with the Peanuts Pirates ride (which has no business in a kiddie section anyway), which would be renamed something nautical like “Whirlpool.”

AMERICAN OUTPOST (currently Crossroads)
Inspired by the name "Frontier Outpost" from Carowinds' past, American Outpost would be themed to a rural military camp on the far side of the park. "Outpost" can mean either a remote location or a small military position. In this case, it means both!

Plaster this section with Americana, stars and bars, red, white and blue, US flags, state flags, patriotic music, etc.. Reboot the South Gate, make it feel more open and modern. Add a new bathroom as well, allowing the removal of the old bathroom next to Afterburn’s entrance. Replace it with a drink stand called “Ft. Carowinds Canteen.” Lastly, convert the Dinosaur’s Alive building into an air-conditioned museum detailing Carowinds’ history, featuring Amos’ model of the old plantation house, photos of classic rides, park maps over the years, pieces from demolished rides, and a TV playing retro commercials and the original park song on a loop.

BLUE RIDGE JUNCTION (currently Carolina Boardwalk)
This part of Carowinds used to be called “Blue Ridge Junction.” Send all the beach theming from Carolina Boardwalk to Palmetto Pier and what’s left? An old mining town in the Blue Ridge mountains! Play up the rustic charm of that area, with it’s old buildings and wooden structures, and you’d have a completely unique section of the park.

Carolina Goldrusher already fits perfectly (it should considering it headlined the original Blue Ridge Junction), all it needs is a new, more rustic sign. Cyclone would be repainted orange and grey, would feature new vest-restraint trains, and would be re-themed as a dust storm wreaking havoc on the town. Ricochet would be re-themed to stray bullets and a gunfight would be stage in front of it periodically. One of the beach shops would also be turned into a gemstone mine for kids. Chickie’s and Pete’s doesn’t necessarily have to move (they don’t even serve the chain’s famous seafood at the park do they?), regardless, the “Carolina Boatworks” sign would be changed to “Frontier Saloon!”

THRILL CITY (currently Thrill Zone)
The name might not be much of a change from Thrill Zone, but hear me out: we’ve basically got every other part of the Carolinas covered (mountains, piers, crossroads, marketplaces, fairgrounds, outposts, parks, plazas, camps, harbors, etc.), why not cities too? That area already has an urban feel, why not just go all out and embrace it?

This one’s easy. There are already classic cars in front of Juke Box Diner, and some traffic signs over that way too (a few more couldn’t hurt). Pave the path again (or ditch asphalt altogether and do it with stone) to make it look more like a city street with yellow/white lines and everything. Paint a couple crosswalks as well and throw up some traffic lights at the two entrances to this section (by Cyclone and the theatre). Scream Weaver would get re-themed to a runaway tire and called “Burnout.” Fury and Drop Tower can stay the same, but the latter could get renamed something like “Skyscraper” or “High Rise.” It’s fine either way though. This theme is already here, I don’t know why the park doesn’t just lean into it a bit more.

This section of Carowinds is pretty lovely already. I love how green and clean it is. But more landscaping never hurt. The outside of the theater really needs a facelift to match the classic vibe of the Grand Carousel. It’s kind of art deco right now and could use a nice, modern update.

If/when Vortex gets that rumored floorless conversion, maybe they’ll pick a name and theme that’s more fitting to Carousel Park. Call it something like “Thunderbolt,” (a classic Coney Island ride name). Perhaps move Scrambler to County Fair and replace it with some other classic ride, like a mid-sized ferris wheel (assuming there’s enough room. Even more brick pavers around this area would be great too. They really work wonders.

County Fair is perfect as is! It legitimately feels like you’ve just been teleported to an authentic county fair, the small kind you’d find anywhere across the region in the Fall. I just wish the rest of the park had this level of theming, it’d be a dream come true.

Other than adding more rides for kids and families in the near future, I think this area is stunning as it stands now. Like County Fair, Camp Snoopy feels like a cohesive little corner of the park that stands out from everything else. That’s how each of these sections should be. Let’s hope the rest of the park gets the same treatment soon.
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By uscbandfan
I don't dislike the name "Dixie" but I understand the potential negative connotation. Have to be careful these days. You don't want to be offensive to anyone.

How about "Old Southern Outpost". It gets the job done without any negative issues.
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By redrunner97
uscbandfan wrote:I don't dislike the name "Dixie" but I understand the potential negative connotation. Have to be careful these days. You don't want to be offensive to anyone.

How about "Old Southern Outpost". It gets the job done without any negative issues.

If "Dixie" is going to be too controversial, then I'l just change it to "American Outpost."

The last thing they would want to do as a business is alienate any potential customers.

But I spent like 30 minutes on that post/graphic for fun, not because I think they're going to adapt it verbatim. Or even partially. lol :wtf:
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