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By tarheel1231
Here's a prediction/wish for Crossroads next season that I threw together.

1. Copperhead Strike: Pretty much confirmed, new Mack launch coaster. Theme unknown but I'm assuming it'll be loosely tied to moonshine running a la Thunder Road and White Lightnin', both of which used to partially reside in this area.

2. Wrowdy Wrens: The gliders, named after the South Carolina state bird. I know 'Flying Eagles' is what's listed in the ride safety guide, but I thought this would fit better with the rural theme.

3. Granny's Kitchen: Full-service restaurant to replace Yo-Yo with southern offerings (grits, fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, etc.). Part of the building could take over the queue space from PvZ since it's rarely ever full.

4. Jalopy Junction: Retheme Dodg'ems to a jalopy rally to pay homage to Hillbilly Jalopies. How old are the current cars? If one of them caught fire, they seem old enough to replace.

5. The Husker: Retheme Southern Star to a giant corn husking contraption, re-skin and modify the outside to make the ship look less ship-y. The look I would shoot for would be a giant mechanical scythe.
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By FamousAmos
I was told sometime last year that the three old game booths in Crossroads are supposed to be demolished. Not sure if it still holds true or not.
Wouldn't surprise me if they disappear.
By Panthersfan43
If crossroads is being rethemed to a farm I could see dogrms being rethemed to tractors.
By LoveMeSomePrunes
If they do a path behind Boo Blasters to connect, I think they'll need something on the back side of boo blasters building facing the new path, otherwise you're just going to walk past the back wall/loading dock. kinda thinking the path, if they do one, will be more between the flyers and the coaster, with the flyers part of the little "island" including boo blasters and room for something else small like game or food location behind boo.
By Cameron
I got bored and starting looking at all available space inside the park without expanding park boundaries.

I think this should cover us for the next 10 years lol
By Cameron
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By mdsmith98
With the new coaster being placed where it is, and people talking about crossroads, I figured now was the perfect opportunity to share my concept for what I would love to see Crossroads eventually become. I am not expecting all of this in one year (or at all :lol:), just the long term plans of what I would love to see this area become. This concept would definitely give crossroads the boost it needs so it's not such a dead zone. I will probably be doing more of these in the future.

I am not all that creative when it comes to names, so I won't be naming anything, just describing.

1. A new dark ride that reuses the Action Theater building. This would replace Plants vs Zombies. I never see a wait for that ride (maybe it does get busy on weekends, idk). The dark ride could be themed to something southern related. Again, I am not very creative lol.

2. A museum on the history of Carowinds to replace Boo Blasters. It could reuse the same building, just get renovated. With the new dark ride, boo blasters would be no longer needed, and probably wouldn't get as much traffic as it does currently if the new dark ride were to come. I would love to see the old north gate model featured in here, as well as maybe some models of rides like the Town Hall Museum has at Cedar Point. Basically, I would love for this building to be similar to the town hall museum.

3. A giant frisbee. This would take the place of YoYo, because why do we need 4 swing rides in the park, or even one that is similar to Zephyr.

4. A new midway connecting the area in front of the 2019 coaster. It would open the area up a tad bit more I think.

5. The Flyers. This is based on the recent aerial shot of the concrete pad being poured. It is pretty much guaranteed to go there, unless Carowinds has something else up their sleeves.

6. 2019 Coaster. Mack Rides dual launch coaster, which is pretty much confirmed at this point.

7. Renovated Dogems. Give it some new cars, repaint the building a different color, and possibly rename it.

8. Screamin Swing. I would love to see us get a Screamin Swing like SkyHawk at Cedar Point and Barnstormer at Dollywood. I enjoyed Barnstormer, and think it would be cool if we got one at our park.
By Panthersfan43
The grass patch in front of intimidator is used for winterfest
By Cameron
I for one wouldn't be upset if those came back to carowinds and would fit and look nicely here.
By RollerBee
Cameron wrote:I for one wouldn't be upset if those came back to carowinds and would fit and look nicely here.

Road Rally used more space than that and it was a short ride.
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By carolinaman
I would also like to see the antique cars at the park, but if they do I hope they have them drive is a shaded area and not out in the hot sun. We really enjoyed the ones at Kings Dominion.
By Glitch99
Is that something that can wind through coaster supports, in areas otherwise blocked off from pedestrians? Otherwise it seems like something that would limit a lot of real estate.
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By KIJester
^I rode Cadillac Cars at CP last June and those cars go past both Valravn as well as Raptor's support columns. So I guess it would be possible.
By JWitter
My new wish list:

Repaved parking lot/parking deck
Ban smoking in park
Fully staffed park on all operating days
Longer operating season with later hours
Waterpark open for longer
Redesign of South gate
Finally build the beach volleyball courts that disappeared from waterpark expansion

Bring back the skyway
Indoor coaster
Conversion of Hurler
Conversion of Vortex
Or removal or Vortex/Nighthawk
Further expansion of waterpark
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