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By CCookieMonster
I wish for a WWF but well themed like Ride of Pompei, but I know that much theming isn't coming so just some theming at the top of the lift hill before the drop. I'd also like RRR like we used to have just for a water ride. Or a log flume. Just a water ride. It's gonna be so hot this Saturday and my group is going to Carolina Harbor, but I just need a water ride in this 95°+ heat :cry:
By uscbandfan
I would love a flume. WWF wasn't bad but you were 100% in the blazing sun during the whole ride.

What about doing what Dollywood did? Combine WWF and flume and have something like Daredevil Falls. I love that ride. Best of both worlds. (and the boats actually FLOAT instead of the wheels underneath banging against the bottom of the trough.) Also, what makes it great is that it's not all in the blazing sun, You have a tunnel, through trees, through a building with a great sawmill theme at the top of the hill, not to mention a great drop. (It even has the splash bridge for the people who have that crazy desire to walk around in wet clothes all day.)

Something like that would go GREAT in the RRR area where there are already trees established. Would be a great way to beat the heat.

If I was on the Board, I would definitely make a motion for one of those.
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By tarheel1231
The only issue I see with putting it in RRR’s area is the possibility of repeating the past. Ultimately, I think Whitewater Falls and Rapids were doomed by their locations. They were both in heavily wooded areas behind buildings, so low visibility probably contributed to their ridership.

I’ll take anything at this point, whether it be a Splash Battle or one of those Twist ‘n’ Splash rides. But whether or not Carolina Harbor is connected to the regular park, Carowinds desperately needs a water ride. It’s only going to get hotter every year, I can’t see why a park in the Deep South wouldn’t have one.
By uscbandfan
The trees make for a better ride. You can do what Dollywood did and clear out an area so the splash down is very visible to passers by. How about removing those 1970's stores and add an overlook so everyone walking past Starbucks in that direction could see the splashdown. You can rework the path so that shops would be beside Starbucks.
By removing those buildings, you could open it up for a good view of the "falls" as well as a great view of Fury's lift hill. Continue the path in that same direction (like has been mentioned before) but make it elevated with a bridge over the access road and connect it to Thrill Zone next to Fury using another bridge. You could have some boardwalk-style shops on one side of that elevated pathway and an overlook on the other... expanding the walkway to include a deck which could have a cafe with outdoor seating overlooking the area.
By Christopher Mallis
Well if they do put something different in RRR’s plot, there’s gonna be a lot of trees torn down. Honestly it would be nice to have just one water ride in the park. The only one that comes to mind for me is RRR with a rehab but that’s not a huge possibility. Log flume would be nice too.
By uscbandfan
That's why a flume is so perfect. You don't get soaked... just splashed.

In the case of the WWF hybrid (like Daredevil Falls) that I mentioned, the splash bridge exists for that minority who does like to get soaked.
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By coasterbruh
You all know that with new construction most trees are removed. All these rides we enjoy in a canopy of trees didn't happen over night. It took years and years of growth.
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By coasterbruh
Did you see how soaked they got on that little first drop lol.
By LocoDriver
tarheel1231 wrote:It’s only going to get hotter every year, I can’t see why a park in the Deep South wouldn’t have one.

LOL, Charlotte is not in the deep South, but it's hot in the summer and should have a water ride.
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By tarheel1231
coasterbruh wrote:Did you see how soaked they got on that little first drop lol.

Yeah, the shaping on the first drop is really steep for its size, so instead of pulling out like a normal log flume, it just kinda dives head first into the water.
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By tarheel1231
So to start off, obligatory Nighthawk isn't getting replaced any time soon since it's more reliable than its counterparts at Kings Island and SFA respectively, but I don't see the park being able to easily get parts in the future since Vekoma no longer supports the Flying Dutchman model (though then again, Edwardo said the trains were re-done by Premier before the ride arrived at Carowinds). So with that out of the way, I present to you.....


This coaster is an S&S Compressed Air Launch coaster, similar to Maxx Force. It would have the quickest acceleration of any ride on the east coast (and possibly North America), with the most double inversions of any ride on the planet (3). The ride would utilize as much of Nighthawk's infrastructure as possible, including the station and queue lines.

The elements in order would be as follows:

1. The launch. Maxx force hits 78 MPH in 1.8s, so we'll just add 2 MPH to that number and make it 80.

2. Also similar to Maxx Force, the ride travels into a "dog tongue" double inversion to start off the ride, reaching heights of 185 feet.

3. The ride would travel back down to the earth and into an extremely low overbank, flying over the midway like the similar element on Fury when it goes over the bridge.

4. The ride would go into the second double inversion, an immelmann & heatline roll maneuver (though knowing CF's marketing, it'd probably be called a "reverse snake dive" or something ridiculous like that). The inversion would be similar in shaping to the one found on Star Trek: Operation Enterprise at Movie Park Germany:

5. The ride would go into a cobra roll finale.

6. There would be three brake sections; an elevated one following the cobra roll, one that goes into a transfer shed near Nighthawk's old brake run, and one right before you enter the station. The total number of block sections on the ride would be around 6, allowing for four-train operations.

As far as the theme goes, it's a similar theme to Top Thrill Dragster. This gives this section of the park thematic continuity with Intimidator right next to it, creating a "speedway". It would also be taller and more visually striking than Nighthawk. The theme also allows for Thunder Road's name to be reused. As far as colors go, I think something like Skyrush would be nice.

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By coasterbruh
I think it may be going too fast for the double inversion . . .
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