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By tarheel1231
What I’d love to see in that area is something like Joris en de Draak at Efteling. It’s a family-sized racing GCI, so it wouldn’t take up as much space as something like Lightning Racer. It’s also different enough from Hurler to keep from being redundant. Also, if you connected the tracks like Twisted Colossus or West Coast Racers, you could have the world’s longest dueling rollercoaster.
By Milkman
I've been to Knotts Berry Farm Ghost Town Alive which is so awesome and Carowinds needs something like this I think they should do a Native American Theme area like Ghost Town this will make it unique then what there doing at Knotts and Cedar Point
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By coasterbruh
Nah, you don't want to isolate some would be riders. A loop will scare people away. Now, that rocking boat concept they had looks like it has some crazy potential!
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By tarheel1231
With the new survey containing two examples of lands the park is thinking about creating, I decided to make a quick mock-up of an Aviation Village concept:

I'm predicting this area is going to be the long awaited renovation of Crossroads, so I think Yo-Yo is on the chopping block along with Southern Star. Dodg'ems, I could see moving.

I predict the new rides will come from Zamperla, since Cedar Fair consistently works with them, and they have several rides fitting this aviation theme.

1. Zamperla Super Air Race-
I don't have a name in mind (if I had to guess, they'd take a name from another Cedar Fair flat like Delirium), but this fits with the "Dieselpunk" theme they suggest in the concept description.

2. Zamperla Kite Flyer-
I think this fits with the Wright Brothers aspect of the theme, though it's a bit redundant with Kiddy Hawk, but it kind of mimics the position of the actual plane. They could name it "Wright Flight". Alternatively, I could see them going for the slightly larger Giant Sky Chaser model just to add some capacity.

3. Zamperla Magic Bikes-
This fits with the DaVinci aspect, as it kind of resembles his flying machine. I could see it replacing Yo Yo without having to adjust the size of the ride pad.

4. Renovated Carowinds Theater-
I think Plants vs. Zombies is also a goner, and the rumor from Screamscape about the park transforming it into the main performance theater may hold some weight. I predict they'll renovate the exterior to look like an airplane hangar to fit with the area, like Soarin' at DCA. However, the inside will look like a standard theater.


5. Wings Restaurant-
I think the new area will bring another restaurant with indoor seating. I don't know if the park still has the props from Wings before it was turned into Blue Ridge Country Kitchen, but this would be a great place to bring them back. The exterior could resemble a hangar like Smokejumpers at DCA:


6. Afterburn-
This is what makes me think Aviation Village is a better option. Afterburn doesn't currently have an area that compliments it, and it fits the vague "post war era" in the description.

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By chknwing
if I had to choose 1, I would say aviation. The artsy stuff can be seen just about everywhere uptown, ever restaurant, bar, etc... Aviation, history of flight seems like a better fit.
By Cameron
If the theme is used for Crossroads then this is the perfect time to give afterburn a new name. I've hated the name this whole time. Time to get creative like these concepts.
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By coasterbruh
Gerstlauer sky fly, soarin lite in the theater, remove chic fila and bring wings there serving real fried chicken, giant discovery since they mentioned inventions but I think a screaming swing would fair better, play/discovery area for kids and we're set!
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By tarheel1231
Made a slightly different version of the Aviation Village with the Zamperla Giant Sky Chaser in Yo Yo's spot, and the Magic Bikes in Southern Star's spot:


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By pproteinc
Whew you love your Zamperalas lol. The super Air Race yes. The kite reminds me of the fair carnival version which are not comfortable nah I’m. I agree with Coasterbruh tho. A screamin swing perfect and needed and a sky fly or even the sky roller I say would be dope in the area
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By tarheel1231
pproteinc wrote:Whew you love your Zamperalas lol. The super Air Race yes. The kite reminds me of the fair carnival version which are not comfortable nah I’m. I agree with Coasterbruh tho. A screamin swing perfect and needed and a sky fly or even the sky roller I say would be dope in the area

It’s not necessarily just what I’d like to see, but what I think they could realistically do within budget and on that plot of land. Buying from one manufacturer could lead to a discounted price, and the rides somewhat lineup with the themes mentioned in the survey.
By KeepPounding9213
If you agree with me here is my list of roller coasters at Carowinds that are definitely safe for the near future that will be here for awhile...
Fury 325
Copperhead Strike
Roller Coasters that don’t have a bright future at Carowinds
Vortex-unless they convert it into a floorless
Hurler-unless they convert it into a steel hybrid
Nighthawk-tear down and build a new flyer or wing coaster possibly.
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By cwgator
^^You forgot to mention Carolina Cyclone. Though, I do think Nighthawk will be the next to go (in terms of actual removal).
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