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By bobbyfoster
I came across this article the other day. I know this is in regard's to Knott's Windseeker, But the article does state the following, " The evacuation system will also be installed at Cedar Fair's Windseeker rides elsewhere" which would include Carowinds.
BUENA PARK – An evacuation system is being installed on Knott's Berry Farm's Windseeker ride, which was shut down in September after twice stranding riders 300 feet in the air.

The new system, designed by the ride's manufacturer, Netherlands-based Mondial, includes a metal cage that mechanically ascends the ride's shaft in the event that riders are stranded in the air, said Jennifer Blazey, a spokeswoman for Knott's. An employee would travel in the cage until it rises and completely encloses up to four seats; the riders would be removed from their seats and taken down.

The $5 million Windseeker is a swing ride that takes people 300 feet in the air and twirls them at up to a 45-degree angle for about 60 seconds.

On Sept. 7, 15 riders were stuck in the air for three hours as employees worked to manually lower the swings. Almost two weeks later, on Sept. 19, another 20 riders were stranded for nearly four hours.

The next day, California's Department of Occupational Safety and Health ordered the ride to be shut down pending an investigation into technical problems and evacuation procedures. Knott's parent company, Cedar Fair, then voluntarily shut down all Windseeker rides at its other five parks across the country as well.

The evacuation system was installed last week and tested without incident, Blazey said. Workers were continuing to test and fine-tune it this week, she said.

Blazey did not have a timeline for when the ride would reopen.

The evacuation system will also be installed at Cedar Fair's Windseeker rides elsewhere.

Knott's Windseeker cannot reopen until Cal-OSHA signs off, said agency spokesman Peter Melton.
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By bobbyfoster
I agree. My other question is, due to the size of the platform, I don't foresee being there while the ride is open for operation? Sooooo where will this be store?
My guess is that it will be stored in the buildings behind Carolina Cyclone. If they do need to use this, I imagine it would still take at least an hour to get the evac platform to Windseeker and then assembled before they can start evacuating people from the ride. It's better than being stuck for 3 or 4 hours though.
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By bgwfreak
It seems crazy to me that THIS is the best option they could come up with.

If I understand correctly, they basically had to crank the whole carraige down manually last time which is why it took so long.

Seems like there should be a way to automate that process. :?
Because Sky Tower is sooo much fun lolz. I love feeling the wind in my face on Sky Tower and feeling somewhat vulnerable while riding it. Oh wait....
Who says you can't get stuck on Sky Tower for 3 hours? Space Spiral at Cedar Point had this happen back in 2003.
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By Jay
If that somehow were to happen, at least you would be 1) in an enclosed area, 2) not restrained.

Regardless, it as not as a high percentage as taking a ride on the Windseeker. Space Spiral (which isn't even the same manufacturer as Sky Tower) gets stuck one time in the last 10 years, yet the Windseekers have had constant problems in the last 2.
It isn't so much that it has consistent problems, which once or twice for each one isn't a high percentage of getting stuck by any means. The chances of getting stuck on Windseeker to where they need the evac system is slim. Windseeker just received a lot of publicity from the malfunctions because of the world we live in. Media dominates it, mainly the internet, and if there is something worth reporting, someone will.
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By Wormy
Perhaps you're missing the point. I appreciate your enthusiasm, and to each his own, but there are many of us who have been loyal patrons of the park for decades, and we always skip it, even when it actually operates. Sure, we all tried it once or twice to get the credit or to experience it firsthand. No one is impressed. It's more fun to get night pics of the lighting package. And to haul up some rickety cage "band-aid" to "safely" evacuate unlucky riders in, again, about another three hours? And who's paying for that? No thanks. Best of luck Carowinds and Cedar Fair with your ROI.

Not only that, but Windsucker sucked up the lake too.
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By RiDeWaRrIoR
you can see the platform in front of the asylum building behind nighthawk...
They were pulling windseeker to the top of the tower without rotation yesterday. They did it off and on throughout the day, but it seems there were long gaps between testing, not sure what they were doing. By the time we got over to that side, there was no one working on the ride...
Tried to post a picture here but it wont let me... oh well look behind nighthawk, you will see it :lol:

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